Pop-up Giveaway!

Surprise, surprise!

Because I loved this pop-up book so much, I got an extra copy to give away here!

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The Doodles Diet (review + giveaway!)

As some of you may probably know, I have not had meat for over thirty days now, because of a no-meat Lenten pact we’ve got going at work.

Today’s book is something that has actually made the past few weeks a bit easier for me: The Doodles Diet by Deborah Zemke.

I found this book one day when I was in a bad mood because I happened to pass by a rotisserie and went weak from the wafting smell of golden roasted chicken and shiny cutlets of pork. I consoled myself by entering a book store, and luckily, there was a little bargain sale going on at one of my favorite National Book Store branches (Harrison Plaza, if you must know — awesome bargain section!) and I found this book… (and two more bags full, but who’s counting?!?).

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Winners: Looking Back Giveaway

I hope the weekend went well for everyone.

As I updated last Friday, I am giving away 2 sets of Ambeth Ocampo’s Looking Back books (to the top two names that come up on the list randomizer), thanks to an additional set pledged by Anvil Publishing.

Each set contains the books Looking Back, Dirty Dancing and Death by Garrote.

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Giveaway: Looking Back!

Squee — Ambeth Ocampo featured my Looking Back post on his Facebook page (special thanks to Jzhun and Marie for pointing it out to me). That made my day, so I’m sharing some love! Here’s a new giveaway:  a three-book set of Looking Back (volumes 1-3: Looking Back, Dirty Dancing, Death by Garrote), which I reviewed in my last post.

UPDATE: Am now giving away two sets on Sunday, thank you Anvil Publishing (through Ms. Gwenn Galvez) for pledging another set!

Each book is a compilation of historian Ambeth Ocampo’s essays on Philippine history and culture — some from his out of print books Looking Back, Aguinaldo’s Breakfast, Mabini’s Ghost, and Luna’s Mustache, and some recent selections from his weekly newspaper column.

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