And the winner is (My Deathly Hallows Giveaway)…

Thank you to all those who joined my Deathly Hallows Giveaway! I received 45 entries in total, and using a random list generator, I assigned randomĀ  numbers to all the giveaway entries.

I was supposed to post this tomorrow, but I’ve got a health book discussion (and a bikram yoga session) with my book club, Flips Flipping Pages, so I decided to announce the winners tonight.

Here are the 45 random entries:

1. bagzlightyear1
2. fran5
3. patrick3
4. bagzlightyear2
5. ishay2
6. nikola1
7. fran1
8. fran4
9. iya2
10. mauie4
11. ruby8
12. patrick1
13. ishay1
14. patrick8
15. mauie2
16. patrick7
17. ruby7
18. akashy2
19. ruby3
20. ruby1
21. nikola2
22. ruby2
23. mauie7
24. akashy1
25. mauie3
26. ruby6
27. mauie6
28. ishay6
29. akashy3
30. mauie8
31. fran3
32. ruby5
33. patrick2
34. iya3
35. ishay4
36. ruby4
37. fran2
38. ishay3
39. patrick6
40. iya1
41. mauie5
42. mauie1
43. patrick4
44. patrick5
45. ishay5

Then I used a random number generator to draw the Deathly Hallows winner.

And the winner is….

#42 - Mauie!!!

Congratulations, Mauie! Looks like your loyalty to Dumbledore clinched the win for you!

Will ship the book over to you within the next two weeks.

And for the three lucky winners of Harry Potter bookmarks:

bookmarksRuby, Fran, and Patrick each win a Harry Potter bookmark!

Will also ship, or will hand them over face to face when we see each other next.

Thank you all for joining and celebrating Harry’s birthday with me!

Until the next book giveaway!

15 thoughts on “And the winner is (My Deathly Hallows Giveaway)…”

  1. Yehey! Yehey! Hindi ako makapaniwala. Ako ba talagang nanalo? Hehehe
    Thank you, Blooey! Super saya! My first HP book. Will treasure this a lot.
    Thank you. Thank you. :D

  2. blooey! thank you for the bookmark & hosting this giveaway :)
    i was honestly shocked when you handed me the bookmark yday and told me i’d won teehee. With the weather last fri night, i wasn’t able to go online — WiFi & rain don’t exactly go hand in hand teehee.

    Thanks again. See ya on Sept! :)

  3. Congrats mauie! This should be a memorable experience, getting your first HP book through a giveaway. And I can’t believe I won too! Haha! Now the bigger problem is how to claim my first HP bookmark. Oh well, I’m sure we’ll come up with a plan. Thanks blue! :D

  4. hi sumthinblue,

    thanks for the contest… i won a different contest from SM cinema… I won a limited edition harry potter and half-blood prince t-shirt and cap from Warner bros. international…

    had fun joining your promo also.

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