Books for Bedtime


We have a new kitten in the house and she’s been driving us crazy with her late night activity, when her energy peaks after snoozing away most of the day. I’ve been staying up with her until she tires herself out and goes to sleep, because otherwise she cries all night (and goes wandering, magically apparating outside of her locked cage), and then we ALL don’t get any sleep.

Two books have been keeping me company while trying to put Molly (as in Molly Hooper :D) to sleep: Margaret Wise Brown’s “Goodnight Songs” featuring various award-winning picture book illustrators, and Tahanan Book’s “Antukin: Philippine Folk Songs and Lullabies” selected by Felicidad A. Prudente, Ph.D. with illustrations by Joanne de Leon.

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FFP sound trips to High Fidelity

After I missed last month’s Flips Flipping Pages (my book club) book discussion (The Shadow of the Wind, one of my favorite books!) because it coincided with the Ultimate Book Geek finals, I was glad I was able to attend this month’s book discussion: Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity, as moderated by Mike, Ronald and Shani.

Holed up in an Irish pub, we had some music related games. We were divided into two teams (morbidly named Team RIP and Team Condolence), and for the first game, Mike produced a list of songs and read them aloud while we attempted to identify the songs’ album, artist, and year released. I was in Team Condolence and we got creamed by Team RIP!  Then we had an Anti Music Snob Name that Tune contest, where we managed (with Ronald’s help!) to squeak by with a one point win over Team RIP.

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Ten Little Elvi by Duffy Grooms, Laura J. Henson / Illus. by Dean Gorissen

“TEN little Elvi gettin’ ready to shine
One made a comeback and then there were NINE.”

Ten Little Elvi by Duffy Grooms, Laura J. Henson and illustrated by Dean Gorissen is a unique counting book featuring ten little Elvis impersonators (hence, Elvi), with references to the King’s life and song.

The Elvis homage will probably be lost on toddlers. I mean, even I just recently learned to appreciate Elvis, and mostly that was because of Lilo and Stitch. I just had to buy this because it was so cute. It’s the sort of book that’ll really cheer you up. I bow to the illustrator: the Elvi are squee-worthy!
My copy: salvaged from the bargain bin at Powerbooks a couple of years ago, for P75, hardcover with dustjacket.

My rating: 5/5 stars