Esio Trot


esio trot

I’m not usually eager to watch film adaptations, especially for books I particularly like, but I came across the trailer for BBC’s “Esio Trot” while watching a Doctor Who episode and thought it was worth a watch.

“Esio Trot” is the last book Roald Dahl published in his lifetime, and for me it’s one of his funniest. It’s a short and silly story about an elderly gentleman named Mr. Hoppy, his down-the-balcony neighbor Mrs. Silver, Alfie the tortoise (and 140 other tortoises), and yes, that thing that makes the world go round — love!

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If there was one author I would recommend to every household library, I’d definitely recommend Roald Dahl. With dozens work under his name —  children’s stories for early readers and middle readers, children’s poetry collections,  short story anthologies, novels, memoirs, autobiographical essays, cookbooks, film scripts, and even guidebooks — each member of the family will find a book to enjoy.

I’m a big Roald Dahl fan, and I grew up reading his books, from the classic children’s books to the collections of twisted tales (which I really really love!). For the last 24-hour read-a-thon, I made sure to include some Roald Dahl books in the lineup.  His books are quick reads, and they never fail to crack me up, so I included three books this time around: Fantastic Mr. Fox; The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me(both I hadn’t read yet); and Esio Trot (which I have not read since high school), books 159-161 for 2009.

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