I am so sorry I haven’t updated in a week. I’ve been terribly busy and I was running ragged for the past few days, but this morning is something I really want to share with everyone.

I just got back from the airport with something I’ve had my heart set on for ages…

My Nook is here!

I know you’re thinking why I didn’t get Kindle… But I’ve tried the Kindle out, gone back and forth, especially when the low-priced Kindle 3 came out, and I do think the Kindle is an awesome product, but I just really feel I’m more of a Nook person.

And when I opened the box, I was just speechless.

I also got the Jonathan Adler Punctuation cover, because Jonathan Adler is fabulous (and yes, Kate Spade would’ve cost me an arm and a leg), and really, he had me at “We believe minimalism is a bummer.”

Lest you’re wondering, I harbor no illusions that this will cure my book addiction and keep me from buying more books. I think it may even make it worse, hahaha. It’s just a new way of reading, but I still prefer good old paper and glue. :)

Nevertheless, I think I shall enjoy getting to know my Nook over the weekend. My birthday’s still one day away, but I can’t stop grinning — Happy birthday to me! :)

51 thoughts on “Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

  1. Congratulations on the nook! :) And you’re right about this one: “It’s just a new way of reading, but I still prefer good old paper and glue.” I love my Kindle, but nothing beats the smell and feel of a real book. :)

    Advance happy birthday!

  2. Used a Nook for a couple of weeks and loved it! But my Kindle is mighty fine, too. Haha. Congratulations and advance happy birthday, Blooey!

    P.S. The screensaver featuring Kurt Vonnegut, my favorite among the authors whose photos are included in the Nook’s preloaded screensaver pack, was my favorite. :)

  3. Congrats on having a Nook. I’ve got mine before christmas and I forgot to buy a cover. Lol. Btw, use calibre for the eBook management. :) Easier though di masyadong maganda ang organization methods ng nook. :) The best technique I can think of is put your books in shelves. :) If hindi naka-shelf, uncategorized lahat.

  4. Hi, Blooey! :)

    Happy Birthday! :)

    And I’m glad you enjoyed the gift. But I’d be lying if I don’t admit na nakalimutan ko talagang birthday mo pala. When I saw that book sa Booksale, ikaw talaga yung first na naisip ko kaya binili ko kaagad. The attendant even warned me that it’s in another language daw (hello, kuya..obvious naman di bah? hehe). :D

    Wheeeeee! I’m so glad you got your Nook. Nakakainggit naman. Hehe

    Umm..question lang, did you buy it directly sa website nila or you had someone buy it for you abroad tapos you got it when they got back to the Philippines? Kasi if it’s the former, wala bang takot re customs? Hehe

  5. Where did u get the nook? Did u buy online or someone give it to you? How much did it costs you if ever? well all in all plus duties or customs fee?
    so curious love the ebook reader.

    1. Hi Ella, my tita went to the US so I asked her to buy it for me. Then she brought it back home. Including the cover ($30), plus tax ($17), about $200 in total.

  6. Congrats on your Nook! I have a Kindle and I love it but, like you, I will never stop buying “paper and glue” books. There is something about having the hard copy that I will never tire of. My one wish is that they would make a case of some sort that would make the device waterproof, that way you could read in the bath.

  7. Hi. I’m actually thinking of getting either a Kindle 3 or a Nook, just so I could have more books within reach, haha! I am still undecided as to which one to get though. I’ve got to say that your Nook looks very nice! Is it easy to buy the Nook Books, and does B&N allow local credit cards to be used? Would you know if B&N ships to the Philippines? Thanks!

    1. Hi Anne, my Nook is connected to my credit card, but I sideload books because they don’t sell books internationally. If you’re planning on purchasing ebooks, a Kindle might be better for you :) B&N doesnt ship to the Philippines, my tita bought my Nook for me when she went to the US

    1. Hi Mauie. Haha. Soon — I’m enjoying it so far, and it’s lived up to my expectations. Am still taking it out on some trips this summer :)

  8. Hi Blooey. What’s VPN? I want a Nook but my only concern is purchasing of books. Do they acknowledge our credit card in the Philippines? BDO Mastercard, etc? Sorry for the silly question. hehe

    1. Any card will do, but you can’t buy from Nook if they can detect your IP from the Philippines and your address is PH. I use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to buy from B&N.

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