Pottermore Congratulations Email

Got the Congratulations email from Pottermore yesterday, and I wanted to check if y’all have gotten one, because a friend reports she hasn’t received hers yet.

I opened my inbox yesterday morning and it was there.

This is what the email looks like, with “Congratulations” as the subject of the email.

So in behalf of my friend, I want to ask — is there anyone who successfully validated their account who has not gotten the Congratulations email, yet?

Holler below.

15 thoughts on “Pottermore Congratulations Email”

  1. I did get my Congratulations email, But I don’t think everybody who successfully validated their account got it. I guess you should just tell your friend to relax, and that it will come!!

  2. Congratulations, blooey! I got mine just the other day! I don’t know if my friend has got hers as well as we registered at the same date. I agree with Anushka to just wait and see. Errol the owl must have lost consciousness while delivering her mail. :P

  3. I validated my account and was presented with the privet drive screen saying you have successfully validated your email etc. But the the second email, the one in the post above hasn’t arrived yet :( and all my friends who registered after me have received theirs, days ago. How come I got to wait? :'( Im so upset because half my friends wouldnt be on if it wasn’t for me, some were at work etc so couldnt do the quill challenge so I did it for them with their details etc, and they have their congrats email and I dont. How is that fair :'(

  4. Has your friend still haven’t gotten hers? I haven’t gotten mine either and I successfully validated my account on Day 1. Hopefully our emails come in soon.

  5. I got it the day after I texted you, Blooey! Day4 registration. Same time as the 2nd account I validated, for my husband/son, which was towards the end of Day7.

    So now I’m wondering if, once we all start using the site, we need to band together and create “barkada”? If so, you’ll soon be writing another post asking everyone to list their usernames :)

  6. after getting the email, then what? we’ve been waiting, waiting, waiting. daughter checks everyday. still nothing. daughter says — why do all the HP actors get accounts and we don’t? hahahahaha….

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