My Deathly Hallows Giveaway!

9780747595830Finally, the third part of this year’s Harry Potter celebration!

I’ve blogged about the Harry Birthday Party my cousin and I threw a couple of years ago, and I’ve shared my Harry Potter Book Collection with you guys too.

Today I’m giving away my extra hardcover copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Bloomsbury (UK) Kids Edition.

This book is special because Dianne bought it for me in Hong Kong thinking I didn’t have a copy yet.

I’m giving it away because I do have a copy already, and I’d love to give it to a fellow Harry Potter fan, or even someone who hasn’t read it yet.

Here are the mechanics for joining:

1. The entry is open to readers in the Philippines or abroad, although I will have to send it internationally via surface mail because the book is heavy and shipping is expensive. Not to worry, it takes around 2 weeks to a month and a half in my experience, so the book will get to you eventually.

2. Join the giveaway by answering this question in the comments section to indicate your intention to join:

Why do you want to win this copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

This qualifies for one entry. Please leave your email address in the entry as well.

3. You can add more entries through the following methods:

+1 entry if you add a Harry Potter story of yours in the comment form

+1 entry if you become a new follower to my blog

+1 if you add me to your blogroll or if I’m already on your blogroll

+2 entries if you have been following this blog prior to this entry

+3 entries if you blog about the contest and why you want to win this book.

4. The winner will be randomly drawn from all the entries collected.

5. The deadline for joining is on August 20th, 12 midnight, Manila time (GMT +8hrs).

Good luck to everyone!

26 thoughts on “My Deathly Hallows Giveaway!”

  1. Great contest, Blooey! You’re on my blogroll and I do read yours regularly. Hm, I’d like to win this book because I plan to give my multitude of nephews, nieces and godchildren an entire series each, spaced out over their birthdays and Christmases as my pocket allows. I believe this series has taken its place among such classics as The Chronicles of Narnia and THe Hobbit/LOTR. As Book Fairy to my godkids, I have been largely responsible for creating and filling the personal libraries of quite a few children over the years.

    My HP story – I’m not as hardcore a fan as you, but do love the series and started reading it in 1999 or so. My sister was studying in London at the time, so I’d order each new book online as it came out and she’d bring them home for me. Best thing to see on your doorstep on HP New Book Publishing day is the package from containing one book :) Shame I don’t have any photos! This went on until Book 4, and then she finished her course and came back to Manila. So Books 5 and 6 I had to get from Singapore and Hong Kong, respectively, through friends who were there when they were released, as I had to have Bloomsbury editions to match the previous ones. It was only fitting that Book 7 came from London, as it must end where it begins, don’t you agree? That one was brought home by a friend. She also took home my copy of Beedle the Bard the following Christmas. I look forward to reading them to and with my son in years to come. :)

  2. Hi Iya! Wow, it’s great you completed the UK set from the start! Hope your son enjoys them as much as you do

    From my first giveaway I realized I have to acknowledge the entries so it’s easier to keep count, so here:
    +1 for the comment
    +1 for the blogroll
    +1 for the HP story
    Thanks Iya :)

  3. Wow! hi blooey! ishay here (if you remember me, in FFP).

    I am drooling over your HP collection. I am not really an avid fan of Harry Potter but I do liked the series (errr, the movies) but I didn’t read the books because my mom doesn’t permit me to read books about witchcraft way back before high school days! Since I am already in college and I have the freedom to read any books I want, I started to collect HP (too bad, I only just have book 1) and I am eager to collect them! Though it is hard because I don’t have a job yet. and I am kindda suprised how JK Rowling wrote the book, attention-getter and I read the book about 2-3 times since I bought it.

    I am reading your blogs since I knew you at FFP (tho I don’t know if there’s subscription or what in here) and hoping for the win! thanks!

  4. Hi Ishay… gosh, your mom is strict! But at least you can read them now :)

    +1 for the comment
    +1 for the HP story

    you can get more entries by following via Networked Blogs on Facebook or Google Friend Connect or subscribing to a feed.

    Thanks Ishay! Good luck!

  5. hi, blooey! great contest! :)
    as you know, both Paolo and i are big HP fans. we’ve been collecting the books, and reading them as soon as we got our copies. we’re also big fans of the movie (and we saw HP 6 just last week).

    Paolo is a bigger fan, and is a Potterhead through and through. i remember last summer, he read books 1-7 in a span of 1 month! so winning this book would be a big thrill for him. :)

    adding you to my blogroll as well.
    thanks for the chance of winning an HP book!

  6. @Ishay – saw your blog entry, so you have +3 for that
    Current total 5 entries.

    edit: +1 for following
    = 6 entries for Ishay :)

  7. @Shy – thanks for joining! Hahaha I know, Paolo would love this book!

    +1 for the comment
    +1 for the hp story
    +1 for the blogroll link

  8. of course, I wouldn’t pass up the chance of having a go at winning my first possible HP book (sana sana sana..hehe) ^_^

    The only HP story I can tell is one that involves my “kidnapping” (or book-napping, rather) my friend Kristine’s copies of hardbound HP books that get to stay with me for some months. She’s nice enough to lend me those but I would be very happy to have a copy of my own (I call Professor Dumbledore and all things magical to help me win..hehe).

    This is a very nice giveaway, Blooey. Even blogged about this (I think I’m afflicted with the i-can’t-help-promoting-book-giveaways sickness. hehe)

    Will be on the lookout for more of these in the future! ^_^

    By the way, you never answered my question on what editions of the HP series you still lack so I can alert you if I see copies. ;)

  9. @Mauie! Thanks for joining!
    +1 for the comment
    +1 for the Harry Potter story
    +1 for the blogroll or if I’m already on your blogroll
    +2 for being a long-time follower of my blog
    and +3 entries for the blog entry
    = 8 entries total!

    Oh, I answered your question but it doesn’t show in the wp-wall. I don’t have whatever is not posted in the photos above. I also don’t have the complete Scholastic paperbacks yet (I used to, up to book 5, but they’ve been borrowed and not returned) or the Scholastic adult editions. Please let me know if you find any at book sale.


  10. hi sumthinblue… we’re friends in Bookmooch… you might know me as bagzlightyear there…

    My favorite books in the harry potter series are books 3,6 and 7:

    I got my book three by saving my allowance when i was in college.

    The book six was given by my brother (after giving me odd gifts on christmas like ripley’s believe it or not oddities book, he finally gave me something worth keeping)

    For book 7, i hope i’ll receive it from you… “Christmas in August”.. this is a very cool theme…

    PS: I’m not really good at this online prizes but i hope this time i will be the “chosen one”… hehehe

  11. @bagzlightyear

    Hi! Glad to have you over here on my blog.

    +1 for the comment
    +1 for the story — inggit ako, in college I couldnt save up for the books because I was commuting from Makati to Katipunan every single day!

    Best of luck! :)

  12. Hi blue! I could not come up with a good story right away so it took me a while to post here. :P

    I want to win that copy simply because Deathly Hallows is my favorite of all seven books and it would be nice to have 3 different editions of that one book. I have the US and UK adult editions already. :D

    My HP story is probably one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. Back in highschool, I posted chapters of the first book to our class bulletin board in the hopes that I’ll get my classmates interested in it. I actually typed them all by hand since ebooks weren’t popular then. My classmates gave me weird looks but I didn’t care. Back then, Harry Potter was like a newfound religion to me. I stopped posting after chapter 3 and I was able to convince only one classmate. :(

    I’ll write a post in my blog too later. :)

  13. Hi Patrick! Thank you for joining.
    +1 for the entry
    +1 for the HP story
    +1 for the blogroll
    +2 for following

    = 5 entries as of now, will wait for your blog post :)
    Good luck :)

    At the onset, back in high school, only Dianne (my cousin) and I were reading Harry Potter in our class. Haha, we passed around the book and soon half the class became HP fans :)

    Don’t feel sad you only got one person to read HP in your class, it’s their loss! :)

  14. Hi!

    I would love to review this book, because I live in Serbia and am a student of English (language and literature). We are going to have a course called Children’s Literature this year, and we are going to be analyzing the Harry Potter series, so I would love to have an English copy of the book, since I can’t afford it – imported books are super expensive here. It would also give me a head start among my peers, which is great.

    My email is and I started following your blog.

    Thank you!

  15. Hi Nikola!

    That’s great, studying Children’s Literature.

    +1 for the comment
    +1 for following.

    Thanks for joining!

  16. blooey!

    I dont really have a good hp-related story except that I saw the movie 5 & 6 in IMAX teehee. Now I know you’re not a big fan of the movie, but here’s a confession — I’ve never read books 4-7 *shock* lol.
    I read books 1-3 whilst in high school but when college came around, I stopped reading completely. Now I have books 4, 5 & 7 at home, which were all gifts from friends who knew I read the first three books, in my TBR pile. *dies of shame* I had an officemate who like you, is a HUGE fan, and absolutely nags me to read the last books. In fact, she won’t answer any of my questions when we walked out of the cinema after watching the 6th movie. She’s always saying “Read the book, then we’ll talk.” *sigh*

    To compensate, I joined a Harry Potter book reading challenge to at least add the pressure in finishing all 7 before 2010.

    Okay, that’s my HP story. :P

    I have you on my sidebar and I’m a follower of your blog even before you moved to the .com site teeheee :)

    Posted your giveaway on my blog —

  17. Hi Ruby!

    Gosh, you’re going to love the next four books — they’re darker and more complex, and you’ll get the answers to your questions about the movies :)

    Hahaha before the sixth movie was out my officemate was nagging me about who The Halfblood Prince is and I totally tuned her out!

    +1 for the comment
    +1 for the HP story
    +1 for the blogroll
    +2 for following
    +3 for the blog entry
    = 8 entries total

    Whee! Thanks for joining!

  18. oh my gosh! Hope I’ll make it in time. :)

    Why do I want this book? It’s HP and I’m hoping in the HP craze. I’m a late bloomer! Hehehe. I would like to complete my collection since I still don’t have the last 2 books.

    HP story? As I said, I wasn’t really a fan of HP. It was Dex. He wasn’t that fond of reading books but he seriously read the last HP books (ebooks lang) which was unknown to me. For him to have read them had made me so curious.

    Because I am kinda late blooming, I am hoping to finish reading them all by 2010.

    You’re in my blog roll a long time ago. :)

    I have also been following you before this HP entry of yours.

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