Disney + Robert Sabuda

I got a new book for my growing pop-up collection — I just couldn’t resist a mashup of two guilty pleasures: Disney and Robert Sabuda (and you can see I couldn’t resist the Happy Meal either; that’s my talking Gingy figure guarding the book!).

It’s a pop-up alphabet book featuring stylized Disney characters and Robert Sabuda’s fabulous paper engineering.  But enough said — I will let the photos do the talking.

A for Ariel

C for Cinderella

E for Esmeralda

H for Hercules

M for Mulan

Q for Queen

S for Snow White

V for Villains

Awesome stuff, don’t you think? :)

(Special thanks to Triccie for having this in stock).


ABC Disney: An Alphabet Pop-up by Robert Sabuda, 5/5 stars

#70 for 2010


3 thoughts on “Disney + Robert Sabuda”

  1. I love his books! Did you know his website has patterns for making pop-up cards?? My kinderkids made the Christmas tree ones this year. They were beautiful!

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