The one with the “Other Yates”

One of the highlights of this year’s Manila International Book Fair for me was meeting Alexander Yates, author of the novel Moondogs.

I’d started Moondogs some days before I was scheduled to interview him, but it was quite a hectic book fairĀ  for me (lurking in the bargain bins did not help!) and I came to over a hundred pages by the time I sat down to do the interview.

But the hundred pages were enough to capture my attention. It was quite intriguing tale thus far: a kidnapping plot involving an evil rooster, a villainous cab driver, and a rich American businessman; a US Embassy officer leading a secret life; and a highly talented (if ragtag) special operations unit — all in one very familiar setting: the Philippines.

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Dinner with Samantha Sotto

After I finished reading Before Ever After, I immediately requested an interview with author Samantha Sotto, because I enjoyed the novel so much.

I’m glad her crazy week had room for me, because it was such a pleasure to meet her!

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Torment, Passion, and Lauren Kate

I was lucky enough to have squeezed in dinner with Lauren Kate on Friday night, despite the busy schedule for her National Book Store Passion tour. The Manila event kicked off yesterday at Glorietta 5, and Lauren is having another one today at Ayala Center Cebu.

I had a great interview with Lauren last year, and thought it would be lovely to catch up with her after a whirlwind six months (she’s been on tour, mostly). But traffic was horrible last night (I stressed all the way to the interview) and I could see Lauren had a full weekend ahead of her (and a lot of books to sign!), so I mainly ran through the questions that had been plaguing me as I was reading Torment and Passion, which I finished overnight in time for meeting Lauren!

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Author Feature: Lisa Lim

After reading her debut novel Confessions of a Call Center Gal, I got to know author Lisa Lim a little better.

Here’s a candid interview with Lisa Lim, notes in blue are mine.

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