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I’ve been tagged twice for What’s on your desk Wednesday — once by Vanessa last month and by Peter last week so I am finally doing it tonight, because I’m really swamped and don’t have the luxury of time to finish the next review I am in the middle of composing (or the twelve more I have to write)…

So here goes!


What’s on your desk Wednesday? is a weekly book blog meme hosted by Sassy Brit of Alternative-Read.com, involving taking a photo of your desk or where you stack your books/TBR pile as it is (and swear no tidying!) and then blogging about it (click on the link to Sassy Brit for full mechanics).

I’ve been hedging because my desk is a mess, especially right now because I’m working on some book illustrations and have virtually no time to tidy up or to write as many reviews as I normally do and read on top of all that too.

(Warning to those viewing from the home page: The photo is behind the cut because it’s kind of scary, haha.

Sure you’re up to it? Well then take a deep breath, and click on the MORE button, but don’t blame me — the instructions say no tidying!)


Aieeee!!! My desk has been taken over by the TBA to my TBR shelf.

I have a separate shelf for my TBR books, which is packed to bursting, so sometime last year I started stacking books on my desk (which is supposed to be where I work when I have illustration projects) and the stack has grown to three rows already, leaving me no more space to work and I am now working on the kitchen table.

So now the table holds the TBA to my TBR — books to be added to my TBR shelf — books newly acquired,  books I’m still making up my mind on (if I’ll read them before adding them to my BookMooch inventory or add them straightaway), books that haven’t been covered in protective plastic, and books that I’ve covered in plastic but can’t fit on my TBR shelf. It’s like a processing plant for recent acquisitions.

Sigh, I’d love to see the day when this desk – and my TBR – gets cleared off books I still have to read, but unless I read nonstop  for the next five years and not acquire a single new book, I don’t think that’s ever going to happen. Haha.

5 Bookish things on my desk:

1   Face up, top of the stack on lower left: Paul Zelinsky’s Rumpelstiltskin for my picture book collection – I like Zelinsky’s classic, painting-like illustrations of fairy tales

2  Face up, top of highest stack: Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood– I’m really interested in finding out how Capote writes murder!

3   Sky blue book some books under Rumpelstiltskin: A Chinese edition of JK Rowling’s Tales of Beedle the Bard and several Harry Potter trivia books – because I’m rounding up some books for some “Harry Birthday” posts by the end of the month (and no, I’m NOT watching the movie no matter how good everyone says it is)

4  Pink book on the stack in the back next to the stack with In Cold Blood: The Handbook of Girly Emergencies for my growing collection of girly how-to  books (because I’m not girly).

5  The yellow book on the middle stack in front of the stack with In Cold Bold: Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides, mooched from Rena in Israel – because I’ve always wanted to try out Eugenides. There’s also a hardbound Virgin Suicides book somewhere on the desk.

5 Non Book things on my desk:

1  On the left, the gray plushie is Totoro from the Ghibli film My Neighbor Totoro- He’s a favorite of mine and I’ve got at least ten other Totoro plushies in the house :) This one is cute because when you tilt his head back it opens up to a storage compartment where you can keep small items. Haha I’ve got another one exactly like it in the bedroom.

2   Top right corner: a painting I made last  year – it’s a rendition of Nancy Drew.

3  Sunblock and bath sponge on the rack on the right- those are leftover items I unpacked from when I covered the Ready-Get Set-RORO DBP Interisland Race last May that I still havent taken up to my room.

4   David the sock plushie dog, peeking out from the tall stack in the back.

5  Bottom left: rolls of plastic cover, pre-cut to standard book sizes – I compulsively cover my books in protective plastic so I buy ten-meter rolls. I pre-cut rolls of plastic cover when I buy it in bulk because with the heat in this country, if I leave it in a meter-long roll it tends to wrinkle as the heat makes the plastic shrink.

I’m tagging: Islandhopper, Mauie, Tina, Ruby, Steddy, Ivangirl, MayD, Blodeudd, Jo, Honey, Kwesi, Czar, and Marie and whoever else wants to take a whack at it.

Please post a link below in the comments section when you’ve done your own What’s on your desk Wednesday post, I’d love to check out what’s on your desks!

Oh, and while I’m here blogging away (procrastinating more like it) I realized I haven’t blogged about Stella Matutina’s book giveaway  (http://xicanti.livejournal.com/129088.html) yet, which was pointed out to me by Mauie. I’m adding the blog to my blog roll, it’s great meeting a fellow Filipino reader. And the books she’s giving away are great too — I wouldn’t mind winning a copy of Frankenstein Takes The Cake, The Gargoyle, How to be a Domestic Goddess, V for Vendetta, or Watchmen! Happy Happy Birthday Stella Matutina!

Signing off now to get back to work… It’s gonna be a long night.

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18 thoughts on “What’s on your desk Wednesday”

  1. I’ve been meaning to clear this out but the stacks just don’t go down… Everytime I transfer a batch to the TBR shelf there are new books to take its place…


  2. Hi Blooey! Where IS your desk? Hehehe. Sorry, but I have to ask: Can I come over and tidy it up for you? And I’ll wrap your books na rin. Hehehe. (I’m so OC.)

  3. Hehehehe…Now I don’t feel so alone in the “why-can’t-my-desk-be-as-clean-as-others’-are?” universe..peace, blooey ^_^
    But you know, they say, a crowded desk is a sign of a cluttered mind but i say it’s way better than having a spotless desk (which could be a sign of an “empty” mind? LOL)

  4. @Peter- I just knew you would say that!!! Hahaha. I’ll get around to doing it after I finish this book illustration project I’m in the middle of. Just pretend you didn’t see it, hahaha.

  5. Blooey — it’s just a desk photo, right? haha, no TBRs in my desk but I’ll take a photo of what’s under the desk so you could see the TBRs, as well as the stack beside the desk.
    Sorry wasn’t able to see you tag me this past few days — I’ve got no decent internet connection at home because of the bloody weather!

  6. That’s a very… interesting way to arrange your books. :D

    You said you’re not planning to watch the film but let me say it anyway… Half-Blood Prince is my favorite HP movie so far. It’s that good! Hehe.

  7. @Patrick: if you can call that arranged. Haha. The TBR shelf and my three bookshelves are a bit more orderly, although they are also due for reorganization as I have to figure out a way to fit all my books.

    Hehe, re HP6, I’ve heard, but I’m still not watching it.

  8. Hey, I am not sure how I missed this, but thanks for playing along. What a great mess you have — honestly, I love it!

    I’ll be adding your pics to the meme flickr page — do pop along and leave your link back to this post, so everyone can read it.

    By the way, I’m a follower, google and networking blogs — I’ll also be adding you to my blogroll links – which I am currently working on!

    Thanks again for playing along — love it!

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