Blooey Singson is the owner and author of Bookmarked!, a blog that chronicles the books she reads, bargain bin treasures she manages to unearth, reading challenges she is attempting to conquer, authors she interviews, and other adventures that her book obsession takes her.

She is a compulsive book buyer who cannot get through the week without adding a book (or ten) to her collection, which ran out of shelf space eons ago. Currently, her mountain of to-be-read books is threatening to burst through the roof, and she can’t read them fast enough.

She is often in the company of fellow bookworms, as an administrator of the book club Flips Flipping Pages, and a member of the Filipino Book Bloggers Group.

Blooey works as a PR executive and writer by day to support her book addiction. She is a part-time English tutor, a contributor to the Students and Campuses section of the Manila Bulletin, and a published children’s book illustrator. Outside of reading, she enjoys geeking out at pub quizzes.


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  • Pat Leonard
    #1 written by Pat Leonard 3 years ago

    Mighty Bright LED Book Light

    Where would I buy the AC adapter for this product?

    Thank you!

    • Sumthinblue
      #2 written by Sumthinblue 3 years ago

      Any electronics store should have an AC adapter you can use for the Mighty Bright… bring the lamp to the store to be sure.

  • Reymos
    #3 written by Reymos 3 years ago

    Hi, nice blog…I already joined the Ning group! Im happy to share whats in my white Amazon Kindle3G! Maraming salamat.

  • Epps Marketing Pros
    #4 written by Epps Marketing Pros 3 years ago

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  • fiona
    #5 written by fiona 3 years ago

    Hi, ur blog is really nice. Definitely worth a bookmark. =)

    • Sumthinblue
      #6 written by Sumthinblue 3 years ago

      Thanks fiona

  • Lav
    #7 written by Lav 3 years ago

    this is my first time here and I’d say I’m coming back for more!

  • Kathryn
    #8 written by Kathryn 3 years ago

    ‘Bookmarked!’ already! :)

  • Wicked Writer
    #10 written by Wicked Writer 3 years ago

    Awesome Blog.. :)) You are one of a kind Literature Blogger :))

    Bookmarked :) I hope you can drop by at my site as well :))

    • Sumthinblue
      #11 written by Sumthinblue 3 years ago

      Thanks — I just dropped by your blog! Love the background images!

  • tcf
    #12 written by tcf 3 years ago

    LIKE!!! I’m putting you on my blog roll. haha

  • Angelica
    #13 written by Angelica 7 months ago

    Hi! I’m Angelica! I’m a reader too. I am super duper inspired about your blog post book haunt along Quezon City. I will do that soon! By the way thanks!

    • Sumthinblue
      #14 written by Sumthinblue 6 months ago

      Hi Angelica! Thanks for dropping by! Happy book hunting!

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