On Pratchett


I had not planned on blogging about Terry Pratchett this soon, but I was jarred by the news of his passing that flooded my feed this morning (which goes to show I’m friends with all the right peopleĀ ^_^).

It’s literally just been days since I put down my last Pratchett. I had only very recently started exploring Discworld in January, as part of a readathon in preparation for our book club’s Christmas party this year, which has been scheduled to beĀ (swallow lump) a Hogswatch. I had been targeting one book a month, and I’ve been right on schedule, with “Guards! Guards!” in January, “Mort” in February, and “Going Postal” just last Tuesday.

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Call for Entries: PBBY Alcala Prize, Ang INK Applications

pbbylogo copy
This year’s Alcala Prize, the annual illustration honor given by the Philippine Board on Books for Young People (PBBY), is now open for entries.

The winner, to be awarded on National Children’s Book Day on July 21, will receive a cash prize of P25,000, a gold medal and an opportunity to be published.

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Vote now for the #FRCA2014


I’m finally back in action after spending the last few weeks in overtime (August was just crayyyyy), and I’m knuckling down to update the blog in this lull before my annual reportage of the Manila International Book Fair sets in mid-September.

Because I have an interview with Alex London in the morning a few hours, so I’ll leave this announcement here for now (*drumroll please*): Public voting is currently ongoing for the 2014 Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards (FRCA).


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I’m back from my weekend up in the mountains, and the first order of business is thanking everyone who shared in my week-long birthday celebration: those who shared a meal (and drinks) with me; those who joined my Hogwarts Library giveaway; and most especially those who extended their generosity towards my Birthday for Books fundraiser for Sambat Trust.

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