The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street


Still on the “84 Charing Cross Road” high, I had managed to convince enough of my book club friends to join me in an unofficial discussion of the book last Saturday. At Flips Flipping Pages, we normally do unofficial discussions (outside of the monthly schedule) for certain books when one person (or more) needs closure feels strongly about it and elects to moderate.

Of course, being the highly suggestible people we are, it’s normally not a big challenge to gather up enough people for a discussion, but considering I kept having to move it all throughout March due to scheduling conflicts, I was pleasantly surprised at the turnout (I love you Flippers!).

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E. Lockhart in Manila (+giveaway!)

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Love Among the Stacks


Aside from books, I also collect Sylvanian Families, which are miniature toys that hail from the ’80s (released the year I was born, in fact). I played with them as a child but never had any of my own, so I’ve spent the last couple of years building my collection.

Because this is a book blog, I don’t think my critters have ever appeared here, but I recently completed my first full diorama (I’ve only done vignettes in the past) for a contest (theme: love) and of course I couldn’t help going bookish.

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Flippers meet F. Sionil Jose


We finally concluded our Rosales Saga read-along last Saturday over at Solidaridad Book Shop, with no less than the author, National Artist for Literature F. Sionil Jose.

Armed with a bunch of snacks and stacks of books, we found ourselves holed up in FSJ’s private quarters above the bookshop and spent over three hours talking about his life as a writer and reader, the Rosales books, the bookshop and so much more!

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On Pratchett


I had not planned on blogging about Terry Pratchett this soon, but I was jarred by the news of his passing that flooded my feed this morning (which goes to show I’m friends with all the right people ^_^).

It’s literally just been days since I put down my last Pratchett. I had only very recently started exploring Discworld in January, as part of a readathon in preparation for our book club’s Christmas party this year, which has been scheduled to be (swallow lump) a Hogswatch. I had been targeting one book a month, and I’ve been right on schedule, with “Guards! Guards!” in January, “Mort” in February, and “Going Postal” just last Tuesday.

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