You Are What You Read!

Scholastic is celebrating its 90th anniversary with the campaign “Read Everyday, Lead a Better Life,” which underscores the importance of reading as a pathway to success. Big names have gotten in on the action already — Sarah Jessica Parker, Whoopi Goldberg, and Taylor Swift are all part of the campaign!

Part of this campaign is the new social networking site for book lovers, You Are What You Read, and I’ve been meaning to try it out all week, but everything’s been such a flurry this week that I only had time to do it tonight. I must say, I’ve been enjoying it for over an hour already, and I haven’t even explored all of the site yet!

I logged in to You Are What You Read using my Facebook account, then created my Bookprint, a selection of five books that influenced me most:

The site has an interactive web that allows me to find other users with similar bookprints, and I can see other the bookprints of other people from all over the world, too.

Ha! And I can be “bookmates” with celebs and famous authors and illustrators!

And I can see their Bookprints too!

Check out Suzanne Collins‘ bookprint:

And Jim Parson’s bookprint! (I looooove Jim Parsons and The Big Bang Theory!)

You can check out the bookprints of other notable people in the website.

If, like me, 5 books is simply not enough, fret not — you can favorite other books and check out what users with similar favorite books have also enjoyed reading.

Apparently, there is also a Pass It On feature, which encourages users to give a favorite book to other users, yup, in the real world! A bit like BookCrossing, Pass It On allows you to select a book, print out a bookplate, and pass it on by gifting it to someone you know or someone in need, or even just leaving it somewhere random for someone else to enjoy (hmm, that gives me an idea!). And then you can track all the books you’ve passed on through the site!

I love this site already!!! I think I’ll have a lot of fun with this site in the coming days.

And hey, no one’s added me as a bookmate yet, so if you manage to find me on the site, do add me up! :D

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