8 thoughts on “Why I’ve been hooked on Emily Giffin”

  1. The first Emily Giffin book I bought (actualy, it’s the only one I have…so far) was Baby Proof, and I wasn’t sure I’d like it ’cause I’ve been disappointed in the past by chick lit books with cutesy covers. I only bought Baby Proof because I can sort of relate to the main character. Well, once I started reading it, I really couldn’t put it down! Now I am planning to buy Something Borrowed and Something Blue from an ebay seller! Giffin rocks!

  2. @Ella- There are some new covers now. And Something Borrowed is going to be a movie na, with Ginnifer Goodwin as Rachel. Not exactly my choice for the lead character, but I want to see how they adapt it.

    @Maan- Something Borrowed and Something Blue are better. Haven’t read Love the One You’re With yet though

  3. actually i bought something borrowed, baby proof and love the one you’re with at powerbooks i was so depressed and i wanted to buy her books for so long i bought them na kulang ko na lang something blue and am waiting for her new book to be released this may ata.
    @blooey looking forward sa movie niya i saw it at her site e

  4. I wanna have these 3 copies. There sound cool. Can’t wait to read them. I saw Emily Giffin copies like few times at the bookstore but i used to passed them on as i thought she write a boring story. But now it’s different, maybe i should not judge the book by it cover huh.

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