The Insult and Curse Book

I love books filled with useless bits of information, so I was ecstatic to find  Weird Wills and Eccentric Last Wishes from a bargain bin, and I set about to collecting the rest of Michelle Lovric’s trivia books. So far, I’ve gotten Deadlier than the Male,How to Insult, Abuse and Insinuate in Classical Latin and Eccentric Epitaphs.

The latest addition to my Michelle Lovric collection is The Insult and Curse Book, a compilation of colorful statements that will probably come in handy whenever I’m in a bad mood.

As with Michelle Lovric’s other novelty books, it’s hardcover, printed on lovely glossy paper, and embellished with lovely, vintage etchings. I read this squarish book at the FFP 24-Hour Readathon, thinking I could breeze through it because it had snippets of text and lillustrations on each page. It took a while to read this 80-page book, though, because I kept breaking out into laughing fits from imagining myself in situations where I would have to use some choice statements from the book!

The book showcases a variety of insults and curses: comparisons to animals, insinuations of stupidity, jibes about age and ugliness, disparaging remarks about the loveless (yeow!), naughty taunts, ego inflation, declarations of war, death wishes, and carnal curses from the broken-hearted!

Here are some insults and curses from the book:

And my personal favorite:

There’s a bonus, too: four awesome pages of stickers containing some choice outbursts!

There are dozens more Michelle Lovric books for me to collect, but I’m glad I finally have this one!


The Insult and Curse Book, hardcover, 4/5 stars

Book #49 for 2011


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