V for Vendetta

News of the recent events in London sent shivers down my spine — I read Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s V for Vendetta a few months back, and while one is fact and the other fiction, I couldn’t help imagining a figure in a Guy Fawkes mask standing atop the Tower of London, cape billowing in the wind.

I only started reading graphic novels in the last few years, and I knew Alan Moore’s works are requisite for any graphic novel reader. And since I don’t read the superhero kind, and there’s only one unread Art Spiegelman on my shelf (Breakdowns — I  should read that soon!), I mean to make my way through Allan Moore’s work, starting with V for Vendetta.


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Squee! James Jean rocks!

One book off my Christmas wishlist!


I happened to pass by a bookstore today and I couldn’t resist getting one of the books on my Christmas wishlist.

I normally have more self-control (riiight), but Fables’ cover artist James Jean was in town and he was signing autographs so I was sold. I rushed to the counter get a copy and almost didn’t make it (the booth was packing up by the time I got through paying)… but James Jean was super nice and signed my book anyway! Squee!!!

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