Sweet Valley Marathon

My gut reaction after reading Sweet Valley Confidential was to banish it from my memory, and restore the Sweet Valley I grew up with and loved.

Because my collection of Sweet Valley books (including those signed by Cynthia and Brittany Daniels when they came over and I giddily lined up with my friends at National Book Store for the book signing) did not survive my childhood, some foraging was in order. I found some reissued copies of SVH released in 2008, and some e-books of SVH 1-12 apparently encoded by some hardcore fans. Later on, I managed to hunt down some actual SVH books, and one SVT. I spent one whole Saturday a couple months ago reading them!

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Letters and Secrets

I was wandering around the bookstore while my brother was loading up on school supplies (it was him, not me, I swear!) when I chanced upon the bargain bin and found two hardcover books that happened to be on my wishlist: The Love Letters of Great Men by Ursula Doyle, and PostSecret: The Secret Lives of Men and Women compiled by Frank Warren.

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I was supposed to post this over the weekend I was out of town, but finding internet access in our hometown (Isabela, Negros Occidental) proved to be an epic fail, and I’ve been running on very little sleep for the past four days, hence the delay in posting.

I’m resuming my backlog posts from last year, so here’s a look at one of the best Christmas presents I got last year: the PostSecret books I got from Peter, who drew me for the annual Flips Flipping Pages exchange gift: the first book, PostSecret and the latest release, PostSecret: Confessions on Life, Death, and God (Woot! Thank you Peter!) both by the PostSecret creator Frank Warren.

PostSecret is an ongoing community mail art project where people make their own postcards, write their secret on it, and mail it to Frank Warren, who publishes it on the site. The books, which number five volumes now, are select compilations of the postcards sent to PostSecret.

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