Call for Entries: Gawad Panitikang Pangkalusugan


Mu Sigma Phi, the first medical sorority in the Philippines and Asia, is calling for entries for the Gawad Panitikang Pangkalusugan, a multi-awarded nationwide storybook writing competition with health as its main theme.┬áThe competition “challenges participants to break away from a clinical, straightforward and sanitized presentation of health and to mold it in a form that is enjoyable and of interest for its young audience.”

The winning stories for the project are reproduced incolorful and engaging (and bilingual!) storybooks on health for underprivileged children and families. These books not only spread awareness about relevant health issues; they also advocate literacy and education and celebrate Filipino ingenuity and culture.

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Vintage Novelties

I don’t often read non-fiction, and when I do, they’re mostly palate-cleansers, e.g. books I read in between books when I get bogged down by lengthy reads, and more often than not, they’re either trivia books or novelty books.

Now, I can never resist pretty books, and I love vintage art, so I’ve got a growing collection of novelty books that feature vintage ephemera. Four more were added to my collection recently: Cheap Laffs: The Art of the Novelty Item by Mark Newgarden and Picture Box, Inc., which I recently unearthed from my TBR (bought it two years ago, it was still wrapped in its plastic casing); Let’s Be Safe by Benjamin Darling (via BookMooch); Fireside: A Family Companion by Janice Anderson (book sale bargain bin, for P25); and What the Doctor Smokes and other inspiring adverts through the ages by Kate Parker and the Advertising Archives (Powerbooks Book Barter).

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