Bookish crafts: DIY Pillowbed


I’d been meaning to learn to use a sewing machine for a while now, because while I can hand-sew just fine, machine sewing is dead handy for my endless crafting, costumes, and the never-ending list of hobbies I find myself involved in.

You may have seen this on the blog’s FB page (or my social media accounts if you know me personally), and here’s the story behind it:  my sister, who’s teaching me to sew, showed me a pillowbed on Pinterest (evil, evil Pinterest) and I decided to make one as my first project. Now it’s basically just sewing the seams of the pillowcases together, but I count it as a major achievement for LVL: Noob.

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Book nooks

Because our house is scheduled for renovation by next year, I’ve been exploring shelving options, as I’ve sequestered asked for the upstairs hallway for floor to ceiling shelves for my books.

Got lots of interesting ideas not only for the shelves, but for the house plans as well, at “Jak en Poy: Bato, Gunting, Papel, Atbp.: An Interior Design Exhibit of Sustainable Proportions,” the graduation exhibit of the PSID Advanced Class of 2011, which runs until Nov. 6 at the former Super Sale Club, SM City North EDSA.

In “Jak en Poy,” sustainable interior materials, such as stone, steel, concrete, paper, glass, wood, bamboo, rubber, plastic, clay and mud, are applied to interior design booths that evoke different moods and styles, conscious of the concept of designing for a better world.

Some booths featured bookish spaces, so naturally I took pictures to show you. Check ’em out!

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