I love book-related miscellany, so my friends and family are constantly on the lookout for bookish odds and ends for me. One day my siblings were out shopping and found me this nifty item from a clearance sale at Living Well (by Gourdo’s): Protect-a-Book, for only P35 (less than $1) each. I nearly forgot about it as I had buried the two packs underneath my bookfair loot, but I was clearing away some stuff tonight and tore into them with glee.

You ought to know (if you don’t already know) that I can’t read a “naked” book; I always compulsively cover a book in plastic before I can read it because I’m paranoid about spills and dents and that sort of thing. I also don’t dog-ear pages, so I’m forever running out of bookmarks as I tend to leave themĀ  (or receipts, or tickets, or clothing labels, or anything that can fit flat) inside books. This compulsion makes this book thingy perfect for me: Protect-a-Book is a slip-on, clear plastic book cover that’s actually three products in one: book protector, bookmark, and magnifier.

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