Back to the Manila International Book Fair

Twenty more days ’til the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF): five straight days of books, books, and more books,  enough to drive a book lover to madness!

I always look forward to this annual event, ever since I was in third grade, when I first went to the MIBF on a field trip with the school Reading Club.

Even back then I was already a voracious reader, and the MIBF was such a magical place — I had never seen so many books all in one place!

My friends and I happily spent the day poring over all sorts of books, going from booth to booth, strategizing on how we could best spend a couple of weeks’ worth of pocket money. And after we had settled on our books, we made the rounds again, this time to collect freebies from the various booths,  chase down the mascots, listen to a story or two, watch some cartoons, and of course,  take note of books we planned on begging our parents for as soon as we got home. Continue reading “Back to the Manila International Book Fair”