Read, Write, and Travel with Moleskine®!

The new Moleskine collections are here. Stop me from going on a rampage!

After being unveiled at Salon Internazionale del Mobile in Milan in April, Moleskine’s new Writing, Travelling, and Reading collections are finally coming to the Philippines, via National Book Store.

The new collections are designed by Italian designer Giulio Iacchetti, and are specially created to be perfectly compatible with each other, and with the Moleskine notebooks and planners through special clips and holders. All the new items bear Moleskine’s signature aesthetic: mostly black, elastic band, smoothly rounded corners, and the “in case of loss” label.

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Giveaway: Sign Language Vintage Alphabet Stamps

I can never go into a bookstore and come out empty-handed. Even when I challenge myself to hold off on buying books, the stationery junkie that I am can’t help wandering in the supply aisles and I end up spending a small fortune on stuff I tell myself I’ll eventually find use for. Just the other day I got myself a binding machine, but I’m getting ahead of myself; that’s another story! Haha.

Anyway, last month, I was over at one of my regular bargain bookstore haunts and found this:

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Insert coin: it’s Pac-Man!

I’ve really been enjoying my 18-month Moleskine planner. I used to run through planners sporadically, but in the past months I’ve been using my planner to map out my blogging schedule (more than anything else, but there’s also work, and my reading list, and book club activities), and it’s really been a big help in reaching my blogging targets.

I’ve been sprucing it up to make my work week more interesting so it’s quite an explosion of color these days. I even have special pens for the planner — Dong-A playon color pens, with a pen tip and marker tip at either end, because the ink is the perfect consistency for Moleskine paper (no blots!).

The doodles have been overtaking my planner, and I thought it was about time I had another Moleskine just for doodling!

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Moleskine Shop opens at NBS Greenbelt 1

I’ve been lurking around National Book Store Greenbelt 1 for some time now, because it was under renovation for a few months. It’s one of my favorite branches — I ‘ve been going there since I was a kid — because it’s nearest my house, it’s not overcrowded, it has all the supplies I need (heavy gauge plastic cover, a large pen selection, an expanded art section), and it always has a corner for bargain books.

Tonight I finally found out what they were keeping under wraps: the Philippines’ flagship Moleskine Shop!

I’ve been a Moleskine user for years now (watercolor pad, cahiers, and recently, my Moleskine Passions book journal), and I must say, there’s no beating the quality of a moleskine, from the handcrafted leather, the acid-free paper, the sturdy back pocket, and the signature garter band and ribbon bookmark. It’s great that there’s a Moleskine Shop-in-Shop here now (there are several already across Asia) for Moleskine fans in the Philippines.

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