Marauding at the MIBF (even more loot!)

I’m home after the last day of the MIBF, and I think I carted out the biggest haul I’ve had in years. I thought last year’s loot was quite a haul, but  it pales in comparison to this year’s three-post-running loot, and I’m glad my mom is out of town, or else I’d have to smuggle my purchases inside the house!

Now I need to shelve these (stuff them in with the old so they don’t look newly-acquired, hehehe) before mom gets back in town!

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Weekend at the 32nd Manila International Book Fair

As you can probably tell, I’m totally zonked from five days of the MIBF — I think I was there from opening to closing time nearly everyday!

Well, you’ve seen half of my loot — and there’s more to come, but in the meantime, here’s the weekend I spent at the 32nd Manila International Book Fair!

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More MIBF Loot

Aieee!!! I thought the past couple of days were already a rampage, but I came home with a huge haul today; bought more books than I could carry!

I was waiting for some guests to arrive, and they were delayed ’til the evening so I had a little more time to shop. And then Dianne returned and we ended up splurging again!

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There goes my self-control: the first of my MIBF loot

Every year, the plan is to pace myself, especially because I’m at the Manila International Book Fair every single day.

Of course, every year is somewhat of a fail, but I don’t think it’s ever been as epic a fail as this year! I normally buy one or two books during the weekdays, and reserve shopping for the weekend, but when you’re in the company of enablers *cough cough Flippers cough cough Team WAADO cough cough* it’s really hopeless.

So I might as well show you what I got (quick, before the guests I am waiting for get here!)

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32nd Manila International Book Fair, the first of many parts

I’m still trying to catch my breath, but I know you’ve been waiting to hear about the 32nd Manila International Book Fair, and I do want to tell you about it, so here it is, my first book fair post.

It’s been a whirlwind couple of days at the MIBF, and I generally spend each day out there getting work done: accompanying guests, processing requests, and even catching up with office work, and then (when things go according to plan) the actual hunting and gathering takes place in the evening. But Wednesday night was spent having dinner with the Flippers (after raiding the book fair of course) and gabbing until the wee hours), hence no reportage from me; while last night I was with my Geek Fight team (who’d raided the MIBF, and amassed even more books than my book club friends, imagine that). Hence it’s Day 3, and I’m pounding this out on my lunch break.

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