More Hemingway


Hey hey! Apologies for being away for a couple of weeks — things have only just started calming down in my world, following several events at work, my sister coming home for a week-long┬ávisit, and two of our pets getting sick (and on a strict medication and diet schedule for the next month or so).

Anywaaay, as you might have read a few weeks back, my May was spent on Hemingway, because the Flips Flipping Pages discussion for the month required us to read at least one fictional work by Hemingway, and another biographical or autobiographical work on (or by) Hemingway.

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The Old Man and the Sea


I’ve started on Hemingway for Flips Flipping Pages’ May book discussion, which requires us to read at least one work by Hemingway and one biography (including memoirs, letter collections and the like).

I’ve decided to start with “The Old Man and the Sea,” mainly because I’ve never read it — the only Hemingway I’ve read is “Fiesta”/ “The Sun Also Rises” for my Great Books class in university. I’m still deciding which biographical work I’ll read (also I am trying to recall whether I already have one in Mount TBR).

The book that won him the Pulitzer in 1953 and the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954, “The Old Man and the Sea” is set in the Gulf Stream off Cuba, and tells of an old fisherman, Santiago, who, after a long, dry spell, manages to hook a large marlin.

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