V for Vendetta

News of the recent events in London sent shivers down my spine — I read Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s V for Vendetta a few months back, and while one is fact and the other fiction, I couldn’t help imagining a figure in a Guy Fawkes mask standing atop the Tower of London, cape billowing in the wind.

I only started reading graphic novels in the last few years, and I knew Alan Moore’s works are requisite for any graphic novel reader. And since I don’t read the superhero kind, and there’s only one unread Art Spiegelman on my shelf (Breakdowns — I  should read that soon!), I mean to make my way through Allan Moore’s work, starting with V for Vendetta.


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All packed! (and a new giveaway!)


By the time you read this, I’ll probably be waiting to board my flight to Hong Kong.

As you can see, I’m all packed already. Aside from my the Hong Kong guidebook in my handcarry, I’ve severely limited myself to Newton (my Nook) and one other book. It’s so hard to transition into the fact that I already have an e-reader, because I’m so used to traveling with a small stack of books, regardless of the fact that I’m sure to buy another stack to take back home (erm, yes, on my last trip out of the country, I shelled out $100 for excess baggage, which were purely books — loot from the Popular book fair and Bras Basah Complex!)!


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