New bunch of bookmarks


When it comes to bookmarks, my philosophy is one can never have too many. I must have hundreds stashed away all over the house and even at my office, and yet for some reason I still manage to find myself in inopportune moments where I have to use a receipt or a table napkin to mark my place in a book (crazy, right?).

It’s been a while since I showed you bookmarks from my collection, and I realized I’ve amassed quite a few neat ones in the last couple of years, so here they are!

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Odds and Ends


I love books and everything to do with them — bookmarks, book plates, reading implements, book-related toys and accessories and other bookish ephemera.

I’ve amassed a veritable loot over the holidays, thanks to some very thoughtful people.

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Mark My Words!

I haven’t blogged about bookmarks in a while, so let me show you my latest stash: Mark My Words bookmarks, a present from a friend who knows I collect bookmarks (thanks Tin!). As luck would have it, they’re by Chronicle Books, one of my favorite publishers and stationery makers — they come up with the most thoughtful (and drool-worthy) products!

She gave me two sets: Mark My Words for Cooks and Mark My Words for Kids. I’ve been trying them out for the last month or so.

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Bookish Crafts

I’m in the middle of composing some reviews at the moment, but here’s something I want to share with you in the meantime: bookish crafts!

I’ve been poking around my crafts supplies trying to get some creative juices running. I’m still in that illustration funk (for over a year now, sadface), but crafting is getting to be therapeutic of late.

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