Royal Wedding


July’s starting to be really stressful for me, so Meg Cabot’s “Royal Wedding” was the fluffy read I was really excited for. I’ve been reading the Princess Diaries series for over a decade already (down through the horrid books 8 and 9, which were, thankfully redeemed by book 10), and I’ve been a Mia + Michael shipper forever.

I finally got my copy last Sunday, stayed up long after midnight to finish it (while bugging fellow Flipper and Meg Cabot fan Jewel about every other page, LOL), and thought it was the perfect closure for longtime Princess Diaries fans like me.

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Time for some chick lit


I’ve been stressed out for some weeks now, and was in desperate need of a fluffy pick-me-up this weekend, so I bumped up Meg Cabot’s Princess On the Brink (Princess Diaries 8) from my TBR heap (book #97 for 2009) — more than two years after I read the 7th book.

The Princess Diaries is Meg Cabot’s bestselling chick lit series about HRH Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo (a.k.a Mia Thermopolis), Princess of Genovia (fondly referred to by her best friend Lilly Moscovitz as POG). As the series title implies, the books read like journal entries chronicling the ups and downs of the life of a teenage girl who also happens to be a princess.

I actually saw the Disney film adaptation years before I read any of the books, and I actually started with Meg Cabot’s All American Girl before I read The Princess Diaries.

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