Suplado Tips 2

My friend, the ultimate Suplado Stanley Chi, has a new book out: Suplado Tips 2!

Stan is one of the busiest people I know (myself included!), with two comic strips (Chopsticks and Copy+Paste on Manila Bulletin), a radio show (The Suplado Show on Dig Radio), a TV show (Hecklines on GMA News TV), a YouTube channel, stand up comedy gigs, a Suplado watch endorsement, and now five books under his belt!

If you’re wondering what the book is about, think of it as a Filipino “Bro Code” with a crazy cult following. And if you want to be part of the craze, win a copy of Suplado Tips 2 by drawing fan art for Suplado Tips and sending it to

(Press Release, by Stefanie dela Cruz)

Suplado Tips 2 Fans Attack Bookstores in Manila


This January, the release of Suplado Tips Book 2 caused an unappeasable mob to besiege several bookstores in Manila. A follow-up for the first Suplado Tips book, Suplado Tips 2 was purportedly released last January. A horde of cult followers overwhelmed several bookstores in Manila and Makati as they demanded copies of the much-anticipated book.

Suplado Tips 2, the sequel to the bestseller Suplado Tips, was written by Stanley Chi to pacify the demands of his fans. “I have been receiving a lot of death threats from my readers, claiming they will hunt me and give me a slow death if I don’t write a second book of Suplado Tips,” a rather terrified Stanley Chi shared.

The second installation of Suplado Tips offered so much more than the offbeat pointers of the first book. Short graphic novels using real-life photographs, statements that need a special microscope to be viewed, fan art, and the official Suplado Society of the Philippines (SSP) I.D. are just some of the novelties expected from Suplado Tips Book 2.

“I feel like Suplado Tips now has a life of its own. It wants to grow, and I can’t do anything to contain it!” Mr. Chi added.

Of course, the much-loved grounded “suplado” retorts and tips prevail in the second book, just as it has in the first. One of the tips in Suplado Tips Book 2 advises, “Kung siksikan sa LRT tapos may biglang nagpabango, paringgan mo ng, ‘Ayos, amoy pokpok nako!’ (If it’s crowded inside the LRT and someone suddenly sprays on perfume, say out loud, ‘Great, now I smell like a prostitute!’)”

Bookstores all over the metro have attempted to appeal with Stanley Chi to promise that there is enough security personnel during his book launch. “It’s going to be a riot. We like getting rich by selling Stanley Chi’s Suplado Tips Book 2, but our lives are now in danger!” a bookstore manager, who did not want his identity disclosed, confided.

There shall be citywide unrest until the Suplado Tips 2 is finally released this February 2012. Readers are expected to continue harassing Stanley Chi and all National Bookstore outlets nationwide.

A Suplado Tips fanatic, who also wanted to keep his identity secret, said, “I owe my machismo to Suplado Tips! I owe my life to Stanley Chi! Hail Mr. Suplado!” He then lost his wits and was committed to a mental hospital after he found out that the second Suplado Tips book was not yet available.

Stanley Chi, albeit spooked by all the indecent proposals and death threats he has been receiving, still continues to host the Suplado Show, live on Dig Radio every Monday, 9 to 11 p.m. He writes two comic strips, the weekly Chopsticks and the daily Copy+Paste, for the Manila Bulletin.

For the Suplado Tips 2 Book Launch this 2012, Stanley Chi shall be accompanied by security guards, bouncers, and retired snipers. Former members of the Filipino rock band Hale, now named Bakeshop, shall play during the event. Many other surprises await those who dare to attend; after all, it is worth risking their lives for.

Suplado Tips 2, Chi’s newest book, shall be available online through and may be found in National Bookstore outlets all over the country (unless his fanatic followers beat you to it).

For more updates on Stanley Chi’s Suplado Tips 2 and to join the Suplado Society of the Philippines, feel free to contact and stalk him at Catch more updates on the Suplado Tips Facebook page.


Thank you, Stan for signing my copy! My brother is holding the book hostage.

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