Still Alive…


Hi everyone!

A quick note of explanation —

Pardon the week that went by without a new post, I have been hospitalized with dengue (hemorrhagic) fever, and it took me the whole week to recover.

Thankfully my platelet count stabilized before I needed a transfusion, so I’m okay now, I’ve been home since Friday, although I still need to have some tests done today and another checkup with my doctor tomorrow.

Thank you to all those who stood by and prayed for my swift recovery, especially to those who visited me in the hospital, and to those who were getting ready to donate blood for my transfusion. I would never have recovered so fast without your support.

Thank you to those who dropped by my site while I was away, and wondered where I’d gotten off to. Will resume regular blogging this week.


10 thoughts on “Still Alive…”

  1. Hi Rise! Thanks. It was quite a scare; I haven’t been hospitalized since I was in first grade. But I’m okay now, going back to work tomorrow after my checkup

  2. I had wondered why there were no new posts for quite some time. Glad you’re back and well, Blooey! Had the same thing last year so I know how weak you must have felt and probably still are.

  3. @Jo- Thanks. The worst is over, at least, and I can now muster up enough energy to switch on the pc. I have a checkup tomorrow, hopefully all goes well.

  4. I thought you were just busy with other writing stuff. Didn’t know you were hospitalized by dengue. I’ve also gotten some mosquito bites these past few weeks. This reminds I need to use Baygon again. Hehe. Well I’m glad you’re feeling much better now!

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