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I’m normally apprehensive about watching film adaptations of favorite books, but I figured there wasn’t much to mess up in Something Borrowed so I went ahead and watched it anyway.

In case you didn’t know, Something Borrowed is a novel by Emily Giffin, and it’s one of my favorite chick lit books, mostly because it’s not that fluffy, and I was so engrossed with it I read it in one sitting!

In Something Borrowed, Rachel winds up in bed with Dex, her best friend Darcy’s fiance. Rachel and Dexter realize they have feelings for each other, and Rachel is torn between the love of her life and Darcy, who’s been her best friend forever.

I’ve been waiting for this movie ever since it as announced, and I finally got to see it over the weekend. I thought the casting of Ginnifer Goodwin and Kate Hudson as Rachel and Darcy were perfect, as well as Jon Krasinski as Ethan. Colin Egglesfield I thought too much of a beefcake for Dexter, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

As film adaptations go, I must concede it wasn’t that bad. There were a couple deviations from the book (such as Ethan being physically present and a few other small details), but all in all it was a good adaptation of the material.

While I thought the casting was perfect, they didn’t do quite as well as I hoped.

I found the book unputdownable because of the characters. Rachel and Dex had this gut-wrenching secret, and you could feel their conflicting emotions all throughout the book. And Darcy — she was pretty much a brat (although she grows on you in the sequel).

Ginnifer Goodwin and Kate Hudson weren’t quite the Rachel and Darcy I’d hoped for, and Colin Egglesfield’s Dex was totally forgettable. The movie turned the dial down on the characters’ personalities, and the characters in the movie just didn’t draw as much empathy as their book counterparts. I’d have given up if not for the saving grace of Jon Krasinski, who made a fabulous Ethan.

The cool thing about the movie though, is this:

Emily Giffin makes a cameo in the movie, and she’s reading Something Blue, the sequel to Something Borrowed!

I just found out they’re adapting Something Blue into a sequel film. I hope I like that better than┬áthis one… In the meantime, I think I’ll just go reread Something Borrowed.


Something Borrowed (movie), 3/5 stars

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15 thoughts on “Something Borrowed — the movie”

  1. I watched the movie trailer of this and I liked it. I want to see it movies, though I haven’t read the book yet since I’m not into chick lit. I just found the trailer so funny. especially rachel.

  2. Oh, Ginnifer Goodwin is in the cast? I love her performance from the movie “She’s just not that in to you”. But I guess I’ll just wait for the DVD to come out.

    PS: Ha ha that was hilarious having the author do a cameo.

  3. Hey! Didn’t know that this movie is already showing, I’ve seen posters of it around and want to watch it because of Ginniger Goodwin, I find her hilarious but then got distracted with other movies.

    Few moments ago (like 5 mins), while window shopping in amazon emily giffin’s name pop up and her something borrowed book surfaced while reading through the synopsis I got really intrigue how she could pull off people not wanting to hate her heroine. Now I want to leave work early and look for her books in booksale! lol :D

  4. I didn’t like how the movie ended. Was it the same in the book? Oh yeah, Something Blue is currently on production, and I think it’ll be much better than Something Borrowed :D

    1. No, the ending — the part they meet in the street — doesn’t happen in the book. Yes, I think the Something Blue movie may actually be better — Jon Krasinski and Kate Hudson will be the main characters in that one.

  5. Just finished reading the book few nights ago, and sad to say didn’t like it that much it seems that the ending for me was abrupt and didn’t like the way the author shows that it’s ok to cheat and lie to people they are in relationship with. I was actually rallying for Rachel however in the middle of the book she just seems so spineless and pathetic that I got to the point where the should “WTF???” while reading it.
    I even read something blue and I like it much better though some scenes are unbelievable at times. But I prefer the growth of the character in this, Darcy finally grew up and got a man that appreciates and loves her and she loves him back.
    I tried reading other Emily Giffin books and nope didn’t like them much, this just two books are ok.

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