An author’s signature increases the value of a book. Signed first editions, especially by famous authors, can cost an arm and a leg (the Holy Grail of the moment is a signed first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, at £8,000 to £10,000), and while there are no hard and fast rules in book valuation, a signed copy is more valuable than an identical unsigned one.

For me though, the potential value of the book is secondary; the biggest thrill from getting a signed copy is being able to come into contact with the author (or illustrator) of the book, whether directly (through the rare book signings that happen in this part of the world) or indirectly (e.g. rummaging through the bargain bins and hitting paydirt!).

I don’t have a lot of signed copies, because there aren’t a lot of opportunities out here, especially with a shoestring budget, although there’s also the odd fortuitous discovery from the bargain bookstores.

Here are photos of some of my signed books:

Ricky Lee’s Para Kay B

Miguel Syjuco’s Ilustrado

Carlo Vergara’s Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah

Meg Cabot‘s Queen of Babble in the Big City

Art Spiegelman‘s Maus II

Jasper Fforde’s Something Rotten

Jana Kolpen’s The Secrets of the Pistoulet, dedicated to Ed

Lynne Reid Banks’ The Secret of the Indian, dedicated to Nicole

Shannon Hale’s Princess Academy

David Wiesner‘s Flotsam

Salman Rushdie‘s The Moor’s Last Sigh

How about you, any signed books in your collection? :)

27 thoughts on “Signed!”

  1. Hi bloo! I only have signed books/comics from our local comic artists like Budjette Tan/KaJo Baldisimo for Trese, Manix Abrera for Kikomachine Komix and Gerry Alanguilan for Elmer. These people are great and very down to earth :) oh, I wish I got my Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah signed but Carlo Vergara comes late during Komikon

    1. Hi Ishay! My Trese #2 is signed too :) It’s great how the local comics artists are accessible, I really should start building up my comics collection

  2. Gosh, that’s a great collection! And Salman Rushdie!

    I have one, Lex Trent And The Gods signed by Alex Bell. She’s not very famous but is one of my favourite authors so it’s special.

  3. @Charlie – I loved Bell’s first book, and have her second book waiting to be read.

    I have nearly a dozen signed books. However, only two of them have I actually met the author. All of these other books were sent to me in the mail by the author. The two where I have met the author are from both sides of the spectrum. One is a friend. She was a friend before ever selling any of her writing, and her subject matter isn’t a genre I like to read (romance, basically). The other was Neil Gaiman, a HUGE favorite of mine. Not only did I get to meet him and get a book signed, but he read and talked for nearly two hours, and one of the things he read was the first chapter of “The Graveyard Book” before he completed writing it.

    1. Hi Scott, you and Charlie raving about Bell has gotten me intrigued! Will look her up.

      I know a lot of people who have signed Neil Gaimans. He’s been to this country a couple of times, but somehow I’m just not enough of a fan. Maybe I should go read more of his books and kick myself for not lining up for the signings!

  4. Wow wow wow! I have two signed Neil Gaiman books (from when I organized his press coverage during his 2005 visit), Ilustrado with a special message from Chuck, two books that were signed by the author and sold at London bookstores, and two Susan Vreelands that were P50 and P45 at Booksale! It was a huge surprise to find out they were signed. One was a gift for my sister, the other I kept :)

    1. I think I’m the only one without signed Neil Gaimans! That’s it, the next time he’s here, I’ll line up for the signing!

      Lucky on those Susan Vreelands!

      I did get another book signed last night — Trash by Andy Mulligan, will blog about it soon.

  5. Yep I remembered got one from a chicklit author Stay by Allie LArkin and another fromLiz Fenton & LIsa Danendfelt i’LL Have who she is Having.

  6. hmmmm… my sis sent me a signed Jessica Hagedorn Dogeaters… and if my memory served me right, i bought signed books from booksale like Leighton Gage (Soho Crime) and T.C. Boyle…

    i saw a signed sujata massey hardbound in powerbook sale but i was already umay with buying books so i passed…

    1. Uy! I forgot about those. Meron din ako, but I have to build it up some more. Hopefully I can be active again sa INK next year.

  7. I happen upon this page when i decided to check on google the signature of David Wiesner. I bought a second hand copy of Flotsam and it had a signature. I wasn’t sure if it was authentic so I had to google. It’s exactly like the one you have, so i guess I was lucky.
    I’m envying the other signatures..

    1. Ate :) Perhaps you can reach him through Anvil Publishing — they have a Facebook page. That’s how we got Sir Ricky to attend our book discussion.

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