Royal Wedding


July’s starting to be really stressful for me, so Meg Cabot’s “Royal Wedding” was the fluffy read I was really excited for. I’ve been reading the Princess Diaries series for over a decade already (down through the horrid books 8 and 9, which were, thankfully redeemed by book 10), and I’ve been a Mia + Michael shipper forever.

I finally got my copy last Sunday, stayed up long after midnight to finish it (while bugging fellow Flipper and Meg Cabot fan Jewel about every other page, LOL), and thought it was the perfect closure for longtime Princess Diaries fans like me.

“Royal Wedding” takes place some eight years after “Forever Princess,” Princess Diaries 10. In case you’ve only seen the movies, the books are vastly different. Mia’s dad is alive, the events in the second movie never happened, and Princess Clarisse in the books is so much more vitriolic than Julie Andrews’ Grandmere (but she does have her moments, too!).

In “Royal Wedding,” Mia is 25 and, as usual, has too much on her plate: her dad’s having a midlife crisis right as the elections for prime minister are coming up; she has to live in isolation at the consulate of Genovia to protect her mom and half-brother from the threat of her stalker, the RoyalRabbleRouser; her increased security means having to see her boyfriend Michael on the sly all the time; Grandmere (along with the rest of the world) is asking why Michael still hasn’t proposed; and her popularity rating as a royal has plummeted after expressing support for the refugees of the principality of Qalif.

As a fan, it’s comforting to note that while Mia is slightly older than we last saw her, she’s still the Mia we grew up with: neurotic and slightly obsessive, but well-meaning, and just totally hilarious. It’s great to see how she’s fully grown into her role as a royal and genuinely has the best interests of Genovia at heart, all while dealing with her crazy family, keeping her relationship with Michael (<3 <3 <3 squeeeeee) and the rest of the gang, and supporting her own personal causes.

It’s also great to see so many characters from the series again: Grandmere is as crazy (and funny!) as ever; Fat Louie’s even fatter; and most of the old gang’s back in this book, too: Lilly, Tina, Lana, Ling Su and Perin, Boris Pelkowski (OMG!), Shameeka, and even the odious J.P. Abernathy! I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed everyone.

Of course, the original Mia + Michael shippers won’t be disappointed — plenty of Michael  in this book, and lots of moments that make you wish there’s a lab somewhere growing an army of Michael Moscovitzes (<3 <3 <3).

Plotwise, it’s also a nod to the Princess Diaries of old, where nothing and everything seem to happen at the same time, and I was laughing my head off the entire time (Harry Potter easter eggs! Woot!). Plus, this book has plenty of revelations thrown in, including the family secret that leads to a spin-off series. It all ties up neatly in the end, because hey, it’s Princess Diaries — of course they get a happily ever after!

“Royal Wedding” is a great comeback for Meg Cabot (better if she comes to the Philippines — pretty please?) and Mia Thermopolis (bring back her blog, please!), and I’m glad it sticks with the formula, even if the chicklit genre is a throwback to the last decade. I know I said this book was closure, but really, I wouldn’t say no to another sequel.


Royal Wedding, trade paperback, 4.5/5 stars
P475 at National Book Store

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