If there was one author I would recommend to every household library, I’d definitely recommend Roald Dahl. With dozens work under his name —  children’s stories for early readers and middle readers, children’s poetry collections,  short story anthologies, novels, memoirs, autobiographical essays, cookbooks, film scripts, and even guidebooks — each member of the family will … Continue reading “Dahl-a-thon”

Some vague ramblings…

In my last entry, I talked about my growing pop-up collection. This time, I’m reviewing two illustrated novels that are part of my growing illustrated novel collection: The Secrets of Pistoulet: An Enchanted Fable of Food, Magic and Love; and the Legend of Villa della Luna: The Sequel to the Secrets of the Pistoulet (books … Continue reading “Some vague ramblings…”


The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick Book #32 for 2009 After a couple of years of reverently stroking this book every time I saw it at the book store (and bitterly regretting the time I saw a copy at National for P399 and didn’t buy it) I finally have a copy, thanks to … Continue reading “Spellbound.”