The last of the MIBF loot


It’s the week after the MIBF and I hit the ground running at work, picking up where I left off on the various other ongoing accounts at the height of our events season. It’s the busiest time of the year for us and I’m running ragged at this point.

Readers have been telling me they want to see the rest of my book fair posts, but this week was more than a little crazy, and so was the weekend at the book fair. There were so many people and so many things going on all at the same time!


My schedule that weekend was packed with activities at the concurrent anime convention upstairs, the ReaderCon kick-off and the announcement of finalists for the Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards, and the Harry Potter 2013 launch (more about that later on, when I get more photos).

I did not get much shopping done this year (I mean, look at my haul from years past!), but here’s the rest of my MIBF loot:

imageBook #125 for my Harry Potter collection

135___094-001Finally, a copy of EDSA, signed by my friends Russ and Serj

IMG_9537-001Bought the two other books in the series the previous day,
ended up going back for the third.

IMG_9549-001Penguin Dropcaps! Got a B for Blooey.

IMG_9543Tahanan Books’ chorva pads! Bloody brilliant!

IMG_9550Yay, Bakemono High!

135___095and the lovely Ma Me Mi MuMu, signed by my friend Jomike!

135___096My friend Stanley’s new book (Thanks, Stan!)

IMG_9645A new Archie stash

IMG_9647interesting Samurai novel

IMG_9650-001And my personal favorite: a dead useful Pantone swatchbook!

I’m all shopped out for now — see you at the MIBF next year!

4 thoughts on “The last of the MIBF loot”

  1. Hi! New reader here from the Philippines. Stumbled upon your blog looking for Antioch Harry Potter bookmarks but just now I read about you again in an article on Inquirer and your reactions to the Filipino edition. I can’t believe I missed this at the book fair I literally passed the stalls with the big Filipino Edition poster.

    Hope you would expand on your review of the new edition and maybe some thoughts on the new Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them adaptation. :D
    I’m a fan. More power to you.

    P.S. I also love that you have The Eyre Affair on your banner :D

    1. Hey hey! Thank yew for dropping by, Fallyinghigh!

      Will definitely review the Filipino ed extensively. Unfortunately I read slowly in Filipino so I’m still in Chapter 7.

      As for Fantastic Beasts, maybe later on, after they release the new Hogwarts library. But the bulk of it when they release more info or when the actual movie hits the screens :D

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