MIBF 2013: Day 2


It’s been such a long day so this post will be mostly photos. Day 2 is normally the lightest of all the days I work at the MIBF, but for some reason, all my major tv coverages coincided on the same day and I ended up overseeing shoots from early morning breakfast show to primetime news all the way down to late night news!

(The only reason I’m still awake is because the caffeine hasn’t worn off yet. Because I’ve had plenty.)

So while I clocked in fifteen hours at the fair today, there was still no time for leisurely shopping. Squeezed in what little I could — each tv crew arrived nearly at the heels of the previous one (a happy problem for a publicist), so I had to snatch whatever free time I could in between (laaate lunch, coffee break[s], and book hunting) while paranoidly checking my phone every thirty seconds. Haha.

Anyway, here are my Day 2 photos of MIBF 2013 (and up there, see, I got to take a new aerial shot after three years!), mostly of items that caught my eye:

IMG_9397-001Book bins at Scholastic — lovely titles P99 each, box-all-you-can promo at P500

The Scholastic booth also featured this totally cool “Wicked History” series for libraries!
Love the etched illustration style combined with the graffiti effect.

IMG_9434The new edition of Ambeth Ocampo’s Meaning & History is out at the Anvil booth.
Mental note to get this on Saturday and have it signed (2pm!).

135___09Returned to Psicom and found four rows filled with comics this time (yesterday only two).
All still 30% off.

IMG_9445And saw this poster at the Lampara booth — that’s definitely one edition I don’t have yet.
They’re not done printing this book, though, the staff told me. Now I’m really curious about it!

135___091Really wanted this Tintin novelty book they had at Gunnar Lie.
Unfortunately it’s not for sale (file copy for bulk ordering). I hope we get it in bookstores soon.


Oh, and I know someone who’d go gaga over this. (NBS)

IMG_9422This one I’m mulling over (also at NBS). P1200, I think.
Because Fahrenheit 451 is one of my best books for the year.

These are the books I did buy today:

135___092The new Kuting Magiting board books, because Robert was already signing today at OMF Lit.
I have the comic, I have the books, all I need is the plushie and I’ll be in cute heaven.

IMG_9486And I finally got Mistborn (NBS, P300+)

And the drawing books I wanted yesterday. (P436 each, discounted from P545)

IMG_9498Finally, THIS! Last minute, but I couldn’t pass it up.
Especially at 30% off.

There are more events lined up at the MIBF over the next three days (and *fingers crossed* less work for me to do), so I’ll have some serious reportage for you soon.

Meanwhile, I need to get some shut-eye. I’ll see you out there at the MIBF!

2 thoughts on “MIBF 2013: Day 2”

  1. Hi Blooey… Sayang, I wasn’t able to meet you in person earlier sa HP’s book launch. I’m one of the PHP elves.>.< Btw, I dropped by to express my amazement with your HP book collection to think na hindi pa lahat yun. And we're very glad na complete pa din yung books after nung event. See you again in other events (most likely Harry Potter events. hehehe..)

    1. Hi Kay! So thankful PHP was there to help. Good job guarding the books! I’ll blog about it soon, i realized all my photos were taken from the stage so waiting for official event photos pa

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