Mark My Words!

I haven’t blogged about bookmarks in a while, so let me show you my latest stash: Mark My Words bookmarks, a present from a friend who knows I collect bookmarks (thanks Tin!). As luck would have it, they’re by Chronicle Books, one of my favorite publishers and stationery makers — they come up with the most thoughtful (and drool-worthy) products!

She gave me two sets: Mark My Words for Cooks and Mark My Words for Kids. I’ve been trying them out for the last month or so.


I’m always tinkering around the kitchen when I’m stressed — it helps me take my mind off things — so this bookmark set is perfect for my small (but growing) cookbook collection. It contains two bookmarks printed with useful conversions, book plates, and 70 stickers.

Nice, eh?

Here’s the other set:

This set has two smiley bookmarks, book plates, and over 90 stickers.

Aren’t they awesome? And they each come in a nifty plastic holder I can use for other bookmarks when the stickers run out.

Meanwhile, I am hunting for a storage receptacle for all my bookmarks — the Ikea Kassett I’ve been using is close to overflowing!

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  1. Hi! Late response re Whimsy. They’re not strict at all if you are just visiting the small store with the notebooks and bookmarks and stuffed toys. For the book warehouse, there’s a 5k minimum purchase required. Was very pleased when my kids and I found Fluffy and Hedwig there.

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