If you’re the type who is simply clueless, has a knack for perennially getting lost, or a regular at the city hall for racking up traffic violations, Periplus’ Manila Street Atlas might be the book for you, with its detailed maps (especially for the central areas), traffic notations (yes, even the one-way streets!) and user-friendly index filed by street and by building name.

Honey and I attended the book launch at Fully Booked — we got invited as members of their Bloggers’ Book Club.

They had a bunch of activities planned for the guests, such as a mini-treasure hunt (where I got a mini Moleskine cahier (pink!)) and a map challenge, and a raffle also (Honey won a gorgeous hardbound cookbook cum travelogue!). We also got to sample a range of SMB beers (of course I am partial to Cerveza Negra) and worked our way through the buffet (yes, the One More Extra Rice Club strikes again).

my prize
Navigation game
Honey with her prize

The Manila Street Atlas is available at Fully Booked, P1290

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