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After the Ilustrado book launch, I was wandering around National Book Store with Flipper friend Ruby (who’s just moved her blog, by the way — I have to update my links!),  because I needed new paintbrushes for the project I’m currently working on and I found these nifty bookmarks!

As you all know, I’ve started collecting bookmarks (apt, don’t you think, since the title of my blog is ‘Bookmarked!’?), and I wanted these for my collection. These brightly colored bookmarks caught my eye — four to a set in purple, orange, yellow, and sky blue, not bad for P75 (less than $2), and I found it’s priced higher at the other bookstores (P100 at another bookstore and a whopping P275 at another!).




I just love them! When you see one inserted in a book, it just calls out to you. I can imagine them saying, “Help! Finish this book already!” or “Help! Book addict alert!” (or in my case, also “Bookmark addict alert!”), and there’s your cue to shake your head at my overactive imagination. Haha!





Coolness!!!  There are also, of all things, cocktail stirrers (yes, at the bookstore) that match these bookmarks — I guess a good book and a cool cocktail (margarita, yum!)  make a perfect combination!


17 thoughts on “Help me bookmarks”

  1. I wanna read Ilustrado as well, but I don’t know how I could grab one. Nice bookmarks. Pagnag-mooch ako sayo pwede magrequest ng bookmarks? hehe

    I moved my book blogs as well. I just feel like doing it since I’m in a new location.

    Best Regards.

  2. Hi Ted, National Book Store ships abroad, although I know the international edition (which I want!!!) of Ilustrado will be out this week so there should be one at a bookstore near you soon.

    No prob re bookmarks with mooches. You want these particular bookmarks? Will hunt down another set for you.

    Oh, and will update your link on my sidebar too! :)

  3. “I guess a good book and a cool cocktail (margarita, yum!) make a perfect combination!”

    Well said, Blooey! You and I are kindred souls on this one! Ha, Ha!
    Love, love, love your bookmarks! So original.

  4. hi blooey!! :) cutie cutie bookmark! haha. i’m not a bookmark addict like you but i loooove the hands! would be good if they were glow in the dark too! =)

    hope to see you in the may discussion!

  5. ooh ang cool, i didnt see them when i was there! since ure collecting cge ill send rin from me on my next package hehe

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