Hello from #MIBF2018!

I’m back for the annual MIBF scope out. Sorry this comes late — I spent most of Day 1 running around (see, that photo is proof), got home late and put up my feet… ah tita problems. It’s my thirteenth year on the job at MIBF, and my 25th book fair total — my first was in third grade at the Megatrade Hall — and it’s still a wonderful experience every year.

Anyway, here’s some stuff I got and a lot more I’m eyeing at MIBF (haven’t browsed a lot — I could only squeeze in so much on Day 1, and some stock are still incoming for some booths, please pardon the hasty snapshots). I’m *trying* to read more and buy less (who’dathunk?) so please go ahead and buy out all the books I want? Haha.

Here you go:

Made a beeline for my friend Candy Gourlay’s  new novel, Bone Talk! (Anvil)
Got copies of Bebang Siy’s Pukiusap for myself and my best friend. The book club is discussing this later this year, and we tried a group order but it ran out of stock, so I figured I should grab copies while I had the chance (Anvil).
This is from Adarna. I haven’t gone children’s book shopping yet — looking forward to the weekend signings.
Wishlist. (NBS)
Need this to complete my collection. But the price has swung upwards in the last three years (NBS).
Sigh. I really want a 3D printer. Imagine the possibilities!
Sophia’s book is in stock — lovely, lovely read. (NBS)
Shakespeare for the kiddoes. Maybe for my niece and nephew. Or for me — who am I kidding?!? LOL. (WS Pacific)
I’d totally get this for my brother if I won the lottery (that said, I really should learn how to get a lotto ticket).(NBS)
I already have this but would like to push it — this is a wonderful book filled with love letters and ephemera, available at the National Historical Commission.
Will get this later. (Fully Booked)
New stationery from Tahanan — their new book releases are incoming; will check them out later.
this calls out to the Sherlockian in me… (NBS)
One of my best reads from earlier this year — go read this please! (Fully Booked)
Super tempting at 500 (I forgot what booth, but the one with Reader’s Digest).
Also from the same booth, because I’ve been cooking a lot of Indian food all year.
This one looks super nice. Will browse inside later.
For those on the hunt for Newbery award winner Erin Entrada Kelly’s books (NBS)
I seriously need to restock (actually, no I don’t, but I think I will, anyway) (NBS)
Manix Abrera’s new books
Sounds good to me (Fully Booked)
I have not added to my stamp collection in ages (it’s a relic from my childhood) but there is a booth selling bookish stamps in the back and I want to buy a truckload of stamps. Huhu.
Geek cooking. I likey! (NBS)
Another DK book I want, staaahp (NBS)
I’ll browse inside this later, too. (Fully Booked)
Neal’s Yard, nuff said (NBS)

I have to cut this short now as I need to get to MIBF — see you around?

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