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I can’t believe I finally have a solution for all my late-night reading!I was over at Fully Booked at Powerplant when I chanced upon a few more Lumos book lights still on sale at Powerbooks. I remember fellow INKie and Harry Potter (and Snape) diehard Jovan telling me she got hers on sale.

Wow, I was amazed that it was only P1000 from the original P2200 and it came with a free soft case (Harry Potter special too, with house badge on one side and the HP logo on the other side) worth P550!

So Janeh and I each bought ourselves a set, because we both like reading in the dark, and we both love Harry Potter (uhh, do I still need to say that, after our recent hijinks? hehe). I got Gryffindor (no more Ravenclaw) and she got Slytherin (no more Hufflepuff).

When I got home, I tested it out, and I have to say I love it so much I’m posting a review (further pushing back the backlog of book reviews I still have to make).

I’ve gone through my share of book lights, and I just hate it that
1) Most of them have clips that totally ruin a page/and or a cover
2) They make turning pages a chore when you have to reclip the light
3) They don’t illuminate the whole page or cast disturbing shadows
4) The glare gets to the eyes or disturbs other people
5) Most run on those little round batteries that are hard to install

The Lumos Book Light
1) is a LightWedge product, featuring a distortion-free acrylic sheet that distributes bright white LED light onto the whole page (and even the other page for smaller books), without distortions or shadows, or the glare
2) runs on 4 AAA batteries good for 40 hours of reading (woohoo!)
3) has a page rest clip to hold the page in place
4) makes it a lot easier to turn the page because you just insert it (vs clipping)
5) works on both the lefthand and right hand side
6) is thin enough to act as a bookmark
7) the LED lights don’t need replacement — ever!
8) is fully “Potter-ized” with a Harry Potter logo and seven interchangeable switches — Golden Snitch, Harry’s glasses, the Hogwarts logo, and more — which snap on and off easily but don’t fall out

and the custom-made soft case is specially lined to keep it from getting scratched!

Practical magic is an understatement.

Over a year later, my book light is still in use, mostly for reading when I’m not supposed to be — hehe, in bed, in the dark; and in moving vehicles, also in the dark.

Rating: 5/5 stars

7 thoughts on “Harry Potter Lumos Book Light”

  1. Oooh… When I saw this back then, I’ve been contemplating whether it’s a good buy or not. I thought it was just a gimmick and didn’t really know how it worked. I ended up getting one of those little lamp lights you clip on to the book instead. Guess I made the wrong decision there. :(

  2. I have a problem with it now, one of the batteries leaked and is wedged deep into the battery terminal and I have no idea how to get it out.

    During the last FB sale at the Fort they had one on sale pa, i don’t know if anyone got it

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