Halloween 2010 (Nearly Headless Nick’s 518th Deathday Party)

I just got back from a Halloween weekend spent out of town; my cousins and I had a blast at this year’s Halloween extravaganza. I have two more Halloween reads to blog about — Grotesque by Natsuo Kirino and Sabriel by Garth Nix, but I’ll save that for another post and tell you about the Superhero costume Halloween party.

It was my cousin Chickoy’s birthday celebration, and Dianne and I were eager for another party planning opportunity, so we decided to take on the Halloween party, which doubled as our celebration of Sir Nicholas de Mimsy Porpington (aka Nearly Headless Nick)’s Deathday Party.

Dianne cooked up a storm even days before the party, and by the time I got there, I was just line-cheffing for the immediate preparations — plucking basil for the pesto, juicing limes for the salsa, making jell-o, decorating the cake, and plating dishes. We had Snotty Spaghetti (pesto), Spider’s Lair (five-layer salsa dip), finger food (sausages), cheese draculas (cream cheese bites), witch’s brooms (cookie + pretzel), RIPcakes (cupcakes with tombstones), mostly ghostly cookies, a coffin cake, and other Halloween treats!

Since the celebration had an Asian lunch prequel, we had to drive the guests out of the house in the afternoon so we could set up the party area. Since Dianne was doing the last minute kitchen prep and table setting, I took charge of spooking up the house with the Halloween supplies that Dianne and her mom bought earlier in the week. I had a lot of fun unraveling mounds and mounds of cobwebs and trying on masks!

I was goofing around at first, but when we got advised that the party was on the way back, I was whipped into a frenzy to set up the “haunted house.” I was alone in the main house, so when I turned off the lights and turned on the scary pipe-in music, even I was freaked out! I ran all the way to the kitchen to where all the rest of the people were!

When the guests arrived, my cousin Inah and I put on our costumes and lay in wait for them while Dianne was stationed to take their photos.

Tee-hee, that’s me lurking around the corner, frightening an unsuspecting mom.

Dianne and I wore our brand-new, custom-made Hogwarts robes (ordered from Monsieur Malkin) for the occasion.

Our book club friends, Sheila, Neil, and our favorite kiddie Flippers Paolo and Patrick (and their friends) also happened to be in the area and were able to drop by!

After dinner, we had our Halloween trivia contest, with the categories Frightful Films, Pinoy Paranormal, Tomes of Terror, Plants vs Zombies, Which Witch, and Trick or Treat (sorry I don’t have photos of the contest just yet — I was busy hosting it!). The birthday boy’s team, Awoo Awoo, came in first place; followed by the girls’ team Sugababes, closely followed by team Paolo, with the Moms (!) trailing behind.

We also had a mini-photoshoot with the boys, who posed very gamely for it:

It was a fun fright night for all of us! Dianne and I will be hard-pressed to top this party for next year, but we sure will give it a try!

(More photos here)

How did you spend your Halloween this year?

Superhero costume

12 thoughts on “Halloween 2010 (Nearly Headless Nick’s 518th Deathday Party)”

  1. Wow! You really went all out with this party. I never really liked Halloween though. It’s one of those holidays that I just couldn’t wait to be over.

    ps. I don’t remember what it’s called but that mask gave me quite a shock here. See? I hate Halloween. :P

    1. Really? Halloween is like, up there with Christmas for me :) It’s just so much fun.

      We’ll invite you next time we throw a Halloween party, so we can make sure you have a great time!

  2. What fun! I have Harry Potter cookie cutters, been meaning to tell you about them! They were in a Gourdo’s bargain bin for P25 each, 4 shapes – Sorting Hat, Nimbus2000, Harry’s Glasses and Lightning Bolt. At the time I bought them I didn’t have your number yet, but if I see them again I’ll grab you a set. They’re high enough to cut though bread for sandwiches too.

  3. ang galing it look like you had so much fun!! Halloween always seem so fun but I never really had th super costume and everything experience yet hehe
    aaah Garth Nix what did you think of it?

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