Flips Flipping Pages Bloody Prom Night 2010

When we were brainstorming for the Flips Flipping Pages 2010 Christmas party, we couldn’t help but look back at last year’s heinous murder mystery Christmas party, and we were thinking about how we could top that. Not easy, when we had a Flippers “dying,” a full-blown investigation, an orchestrated blackout, and some more casualties last year.

I don’t remember how we got to the concept of prom, but let me just say, I wasn’t thrilled — prom was an unpleasant experience and so was the grad ball that followed the year after.

For my high school prom, my date and a friend’s date turned out to be rivals from two different basketball teams, with some bad blood between them. They spent all night glaring murderously at each other and gripping their butter knives menacingly (sheesh, boys!). But at least Mr. Jock looked dapper in his suit!

For grad ball one year later, I was stuck with a guy (in a horrendously baggy suit) I felt sorry for — he liked my friend and my friend asked out one of his friends, and my friend asked me to take him because he would be the only one from their clique who wouldn’t be at our prom. Oh yes, those were the convoluted dynamics of exclusive girls’ schools and boys’ schools. Now that I think about it, that was pretty cruel; I shouldn’t have agreed to take him, although he and my friend did get together at the afterparty, which I opted to skip. I wish I’d gone stag as originally planned!

*I hope the smileys are sufficiently protecting their identities (and I hope neither of them read my blog, and I would say it’s highly unlikely), and to those who do know who they are, shush!*

Hoooookay, after that millennium interlude (I can’t believe it was a whole decade ago, and how skinny I was, groan!), fast forward to 2010.

Ok, backtrack a little on the day of the prom… I found myself attending the prom — because I was on the  prom committee (headed by the super efficient Marie) and because, of course, there was no way I was going to miss the third (yes, it’s our third!) Christmas party as a book club.

The theme was Stephen King’s Carrie — not that there was going to be an actual discussion, but we wanted to keep it bookish. We spent the afternoon prepping up the place:

Dianne and I went home to dress up and get our hair and makeup done, and when we came back, everyone was all gussied up for the prom!

For a bunch of book nerds, we do clean up well, don’t we? After the red carpet photos and dinner, we had The Bloody Prom Quiz, which Dianne and I had prepared. It involved prom fashion, shots from Prom movies, famous dance steps (plus points for demonstration!), balls in literature, Carrie, and famous couples (and I still can’t believe all the teams got Pierre and Marie Curie on the photo alone!). Teams Chocnut, Wallflowers, Prom Knight, and the Best Team fought fiercely, and Prom Knight won by a hair!

We also had the FFP awards: Iya and Rhett won fashionista and sartorialist of the night, Rhett and Peter were the Dynamic Duo, Iya was awarded Most Voracious Reader, and Peter and I won Flippers of the Year (I’m really touched — I love being a Flipper! I love my book club!)! Mike and Sana were also crowned Prom King and Queen.

We also had the traditional gift exchange, with a bonus: books from Anvil Publishing! We all got to pick copies of books we wanted to read and review!

The prom being a bloody prom, we made good use of the props:

There is of course, the requisite group photo (apparently our side of the room did not get the memo about the Mean Girl expressions!)

Of course, we also had the traditional after-party

The night was bloody awesome, and I must say, without a doubt, it was the best prom ever!

Kudos to us (special mention our head party planner, Marie) for pulling this off! It’ll be hard to top , but 2011 looks like an even bigger year for the Flippers, and I have no doubt we’ll manage to come up with an even more spectacular bash.

To all the Flippers, cheers to 2011!


Thanks to Dianne, Rhett, and Marie for the photos :)

14 thoughts on “Flips Flipping Pages Bloody Prom Night 2010”

  1. Prom and Grad Ball in high school, I think, were more horrifying than the Bloody Prom Night. (Too bad I missed that—recuperating from a week without any sleep.)

    1. You’re right!

      Hahaha while my prom date and Coco’s were trying to kill each other by sheer will, your prom date was making a great cardboard cutout impersonation :D

      And that grad ball? I shudder at the thought.

  2. Haha, I was resisting the urge to shove him to see if he will topple over and land flat on the floor.

    Best decision to go stag (well, technically, bring Mitz along) at the Grad Ball. Unfortunately, I never got any of the photos (including with Siena’s cute date, haha). I think the photogs thought it was a joke, so they never made it available.

  3. Great recap Blooey!

    Now I am so excited (and scared) for next year’s party! I’m moderating for December… Little Prince in a yacht?!!! Dapat Spaceship/jet/airplane!!! =)

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