#CursedChildPH: The Recap


I’m back! Sorry this has taken a while but I lost the original entry and had to reconstruct it.

All for the best, however, as the blog’s been transferred to a new server so there should be less issues pulling up the page from hereon out.

So, here it is, in case you missed my feed flooding on July 31st, here’s how our day went.

My cousin Dianne and I were supposed to sleep early the night before, but things got out of hand. I was going to take a flatlay of the things we were taking with us to #CursedChildPH but one thing led to another and before you knew it, our Potter memorabilia was strewn across the bedroom floor. So we decided to pack Harry’s trunk instead:

imagePutting things away took another hour — of course we had to reminisce through our greatest Harry Potter moments — and we spent an inordinate amount of time speculating on what would happen in Cursed Child. I think it was past 2am when we finally fell asleep.

Three hours later we woke up and had breakfast so we could head on to National Book Store early for the box-opening ceremony. The put-outer wasn’t even in action yet:

And yet we still weren’t first in line:


 imageFoiled, again, hahaha! Compare to Deathly Hallows in 2007:
IMG_2834Of course we had matching shirts made for the occasion — Practical Potioneer!

imagepractical potioneerRemember our “In Snape We Trust Shirts in 2007?”
IMG_2832snape shirt2
We also had to recreate our photos in line with our friend, Mika!


The countdown went by fast:

And soon we were able to get our copies:

imageWe even made the Muggle news:

Harry Potter magic hits Asia as fans celebrate new book ABS-CBN News - Google Chrome 822016 103327 AM

At the registration counter, the lady in front of us turns excitedly to Dianne and me. “I know you girls!” she exclaims. It turns out we had met Michelle at the Deathly Hallows release party back in 2007, only to cross paths once again at another Harry Potter event.


13925651_10154393539171649_1488651523985472655_o IMG_2808

 Shortly after, we left to start reading. But not before I covered my book:


Yes, in my bag I had a roll of gauge 5 plastic, scotch tape, and a pair of scissors.

Raffles’ Writer’s Bar was the perfect place to read — totally got the common room feels:


We spent most of the time quietly reading, with the occasional sniffle, giggle, or gasp. Well, more gasps towards the end, haha.

Reluctant as we were to put down our books,  we went back to the release party, which was a good thing, as Mika ended up winning the Twitter contest — so awesome!

We finished the book over a lunch of katsu, then headed over to Powerbooks Greenbelt, where over 100 Harry Potter books in different languages from my personal collection are currently on display in the storefront window.



Here are photos taken by my cousin: 13876144_10154382749731649_2036754520864490698_n 13873026_10154382749411649_8229102727778151078_n 13895251_10154382749956649_1271263833678231343_n

  13669603_10154382750121649_8126893205219912124_n (1)
The books will be up until this weekend — come visit!

We then went on to have a book discussion. But that’s material for another post — because we have to #keepthesecrets!


So meanwhile, here’s a photo of us running away with boxes of The Cursed Child:


Many thanks to Scholastic and National Book Store for bringing the magic once again to the Philippines.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is exclusively distributed by National Book Store.

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  1. Love this line:

    “Putting things away took another hour — of course we had to reminisce through our greatest Harry Potter moments —”

    1. Gilbert, I hope you get copies in GenSan soon. I know they’ve been shipping out provincially in the last week

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