BookMoochers Saturday

After my interview with Lauren Kate, I spent the rest of the Saturday with friends from BookMoochers Pilipinas (the group for Filipino BookMoochers) at the Libreria Bookstore in Cubao X for our year-end get-together.

Traditionally, BookMoochers Pilipinas gatherings were held at Triccie’s house, but since Triccie opened her bookstore, we’ve been hanging out at Libreria. And you know what? It’s just as homey!

I got there early so I spent most of the afternoon cross-legged on the rug with my laptop on (free wifi!), sipping cups of the wonderful coffee (brewed fresh, and refillable!)┬áserved at the store while waiting for the others to trickle in. And they soon did — Peter, Cecille, Dianne, Czar, Marie, Shani, Honey, and Sheila and the kids!

We had a nice dinner at Singapore Chicken House nearby, but the real fun began when we went back to Libreria. Peter brought in some cake, and we refilled our coffee cups, and we settled down on one side of the store for our traditional BookMooch jeopardy!

I was quizmaster, Dianne was scoring, and the rest were vying for the P500 National Bookstore gift certificate, and a book journal courtesy of Libreria. It was a pretty close fight between Honey (and Patrick) and Shani and Cecille and Marie, but (after another coffee and cake break) Honey’s teamup with the ever-hyper (9 year old) Patrick proved to be formidable!

We also had a round of 80s Trivial Pursuit!

It was another great Saturday at Libreria. There’s a meetup over there in a couple of weeks with author Marianne Villanueva; I hope my schedule clears up so I can still go back to Libreria one more time before Christmas!

Up next — the Flips Flipping Pages Prom! :D


Photos courtesy of Cecille and Dianne

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