Winner: Linamnam Giveaway

Finally, here is the winner of my Linamnam giveaway!

I really enjoyed reading the entries.  I got so hungry every time I read your comments <insert emergency midnight fridge raids here>, hahaha!

As promised, the winner of this giveaway receives a brand new copy of Linamnam by Claude Tayag and Mary Ann Quioc.

And the winner is…

Congratulations, Alvan!

I’ll be sending you an email for your mailing address.

Thank you everyone, for joining, and keep your eyes peeled for my next giveaway! :)


Linamnam is available at National Book Store.

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6 Responses to Winner: Linamnam Giveaway

  1. Alvan says:

    Yeeeaaaaahhhhh!!!!! Never thought I’d win it. As a foodie, this means a lot. Thanks so much Blooey.

  2. Charmaine says:

    Aaaww..I wasn’t even in the shortlist. Congratulations, Alvan! :) Happy food trippin’ :))

  3. Sharmaine O. says:

    when are you going to post your next giveaway???(can’t wait >:D)

  4. Alvan says:

    Book just arrived! Thanks a lot Blooey! :)

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