What I got myself for Christmas

Here’s a Christmas present I got myself, after being cooped up with this upper respiratory tract infection for most of my short vacation: The Millennium Trilogy Deluxe Edition Boxed Set.

I’ve been drooling over this ever since I saw it at the bookstore earlier this month, and I was trying to see how long I could hold out before breaking down , but National Book Store was on sale at Mall of Asia and 20% off (P2,395 from P2,995) was too good a deal to pass up!  I finally took home the set today! Squee!

I know, I know, you’re thinking, I’ve read the Millennium trilogy, I have three copies of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (trade paperback and hardcover AND a Swedish mass market paperback), and I have mass market paperbacks of The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. But you know I can never resist a pretty book (even one that I already have a copy — or multiple copies for that matter — of, erm, this is why I’ve come to amass over a hundred Harry Potter books in different languages), and well, check out how pretty this boxed set is:

They’re cloth-covered, deckle-edged, with embossed patterns of the dragon tattoo, the flame, and the hornet. And the pages are heavy-grade, textured paper. Yummm.

And check out the endpapers:

The best part of this boxed set is the fourth volume, On Stieg Larsson, a collection of previously unpublished essays about, and correspondence with, the author:

I love it I love it I love it!

Oh, and yes, I have another Christmas present for myself, but I’m not getting it for at least a couple of weeks. Will tell you more about it when it gets here! :D

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16 thoughts on “What I got myself for Christmas”

  1. Yay for new books! I don’t have a budget for myself so no new books for myself this Christmas. Question though, do you only buy brand new books or also those on sale and somewhat even just slightly damaged?

  2. congratz ms blooey… i posted also some of my best reads on my blog. i got LAMB by christopher moore last christmas and i’m done reading it. done with the review! hehehe..hope to read the millenium trilogy also. someday.

    kudos! happy new year!

    1. Ishay, the US paperbacks have really crappy newsprint (both trade paperback and mmp) and glued binding. The UK mmps have better paper and binding

  3. This is a really beautiful box set – lucky duck.
    You’re right about the US books – they are rubbish – sort of reader once, then on to the recycle pile.
    Enjoy your Christmas present!

    1. Thank you Alex.

      I was sorely disappointed with the paper of the US trade paperback, because it didn’t come cheap!

  4. Great set. :) I have bought three books a couple of months ago and finished all 3 under a week. I loved the trilogy! Congrats on the set. I wonder how many book/s you have that has multiple copies. Would love to see your bookshelf! :D

    1. Greyz, you do not want to know how many books I have with multiple copies. Hahaha, my books are all over the place right now but my mom is planning a renovation for next year, and am working new shelving into the plans. Fingers crossed.

    1. Pretty diba? A few months back, a hardcover set came out, and it was more expensive than this deluxe set. Buti nalang I held out! :D

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