Two months to save up!

I was squealing all over the bar tonight when I finally read what I was waiting for all day — the announcement of the new Nook!

When I was exploring the various e-readers available on the market, the Nook was always at the top of my list — I  fell in love with the Nook’s design (minimal buttons sealed the deal for me, and a keyboard that appears only when I want it) and flexibility. And paradoxically, at the end of the day I still want a brick and mortar bookstore with decades of experience in books behind my e-reader. Heck if National Book Store brings out an e-reader, I’d fall in line for one!

I’ve been using Newton for the past four months, and I love it so much that I am willing to invest in another Nook. A random survey of my quiz night group tonight tells me I have at least four interested takers should I wish to sell Newton, but the longer I think about it, the less I want to let Newton go. The prospect of owning two Nooks highly excites me.  I can alternate using both, maybe separate the genres of my electronic bookshelf, keep one on my bedside and one out and about — the possibilities are endless! (The jury is still out, though — check back with me in a couple of months!)

The new Nook just came up on the site, as it was publicly announced in a press con in New York.

(Screencapped from


Touchscreen e-ink, advanced E-ink Pearl, 8 ounces, 800 mhz processor (minimized flashing, squee!) at $139 — it sounds better and better already. The accessories look fab — they even have a resized Jonathan Adler Punctuation cover for the new Nook! Maybe I’ll get it in pink and purple this time:

(image from


or get this fab Icons Cover:

(image from


Ack, there are so many lovely new covers to choose from!!!

It couldn’t have come at a better time. B & N will have the units out in June, and my mom (or at least one of my aunts) is going home by July! That gives me about two months to save up (without giving up Newton).

I’ll probably have to starve, or buy less books… er, ok, starve, for the next couple of months, but squeeeee! I can’t wait to get my hands on my second Nook!

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8 thoughts on “Two months to save up!”

  1. Hi! I’m just so thrilled to see a blog about books and reading. Wow!

    I will definitely become your loyal follower…

    Interesting post too. I’ve been thinking of buying an ebook reader but still don’t know which one. I think i’ll try to check this one too..


  2. The new nook holds much promise except that I still like the first one in terms of aesthetics. Mukha kasing apple product eh without the hefty price tag. Hehe
    Btw, am still waiting for your exhaustive review about your Newton (sounds like a steamy affair from what I’ve gathered *wink*). ^_^

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