From one book lover to another


Here’s a story that made my day.

A few months back, I had blogged about a bunch of bookmarks I found at a bargain bookstore. Among those I featured was a beautiful bookmark¬† featuring some unicorns prancing in the night sky. It was the only one in the tray of bookmarks that wasn’t based on an actual book, and it was smaller than the rest,but I’ve always loved unicorns and I liked the softness of the painting featured in the bookmark.

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Another bunch of bookmarks!

A few months back I spotted a bunch of bookmarks at my favorite bargain bookstore, and practically bought out the stock. It also gave me a hankering to start collecting bookmarks, so now I’ve got a small collection going.¬† (Ironically, I just keep them in a fancy box and don’t actually use them as bookmarks because I know I’ll end up losing them!)

A couple of weeks ago, to my delight, the bargain bookstore had a fresh batch of Antioch bookmarks (the tasseled ones!) on hand, so I got a whole new bunch of them!

Here they are:

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