Lauren Kate returns to Manila for Passion tour

Last year, one of my most memorable interviews was that with YA author Lauren Kate for the National Book Store Fallen event, and I even had the pleasure of bringing along 12-year old Daniela to meet her favorite author!

This July, National Book Store brings back New York Times bestselling author Lauren Kate, author of Fallen and Torment, to launch Passion, the third installment in her supernatural romance series Fallen.

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Daniela meets Lauren Kate

When I found out I was interviewing Lauren Kate (author of Fallen and Torment), I had one person in my mind — my friend Gege‘s 12 year old niece, Daniela. Earlier that week, I had seen Gege post the link to the announcement of Lauren Kate’s arrival in Manila (for the National Book Store Fallen event) on Daniela’s mom’s Facebook wall, and I deduced Daniela must be a Lauren Kate fan.

A few phone calls later, it was final — I was taking Daniela to meet Lauren Kate.

Gege later told me Daniela screamed when she found out she was going to meet one of her favorite authors!

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Lauren Kate in Manila

To all Lauren Kate Fans — here’s your chance to meet the author of Fallen and Torment.

Lauren Kate will be live in Manila on Nov. 27 at the Atrium of The Podium. Registration starts at 4 pm, and the event starts at 5 pm.

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